MICHIGAN CITY -- If the turkey, mac and cheese and dessert on Thanksgiving weren't enough to get rid of the sour taste left from last Wednesday's girls basketball loss to Portage, Michigan City's 63-34 win over Marquette on Saturday certainly did the trick.

"All the food was good Thursday," said Trinity Thompson, who spent the holiday with her family at her uncle's in Utica, Mich. "It's always nice to beat (Marquette), especially like that, 'cuz they whooped us last year. It was a little revenge thing. We had to get ours back. It gets the momentum going, gets our energy back. Wednesday was a very off day. It wasn't even us. We had to get back in our groove." 

That didn't take long for the Wolves (3-3), who used a 21-4 first quarter to help break a four-game losing streak against their neighbors.

"Last year, they had a tough team," City's Katelyn Halfacre said. "We really wanted to come out this year and get a good win. We needed to get it. We had to come out strong. I wanted to get my game back going."

It was City's junior tandem who inflicted much of the damage, scoring 17 first-quarter points between them.

"We came out and did what we had to," Wolves coach Mike Megyese said. "We knew we had mismatches with Trinity. They had no answer for her. We know (Marquette coach) Katie (Collignon)'s kids are going to play hard and they did all game long. They never gave up. But it was a game we felt we should have won."

Thompson dominated the interior to the tune of 29 points and 15 rebounds. Halfacre did most of her damage in transition and on the drive, totaling 21 points.

"They're tough players. We knew that going in and we didn't do much to stop them. They had great games," Collignon said. "Our energy and effort has been kind of low to start games and I don't understand. Those are not skilled tasks. Those are things you should have inside you. Going up against Michigan City, the big crowd, you'd think energy jitters. I don't get the lackadaisical play. It's too bad."

Ally McConnell scored 14 for the Blazers (3-4).

"Ally played hard for 32 minutes. That was the one bright spot," Collignon said. "That's some senior leadership she has that no one else understands yet. Unfortunately, she had to dribble the ball and we wanted to throw it inside to her, too. We're coming up to a third of the way through the season and I thought some of the young errors would be over with by now. We're just not learning from our mistakes."

On the subject of mistakes, City cut its turnovers in half from the Portage game, though that did mean it still had 20.

"We kept trying to throw the ball in when it wasn't there instead of just letting the game take care of itself," Megyese said. "That's something we still need to work on."

On the plus side, the Wolves didn't let the disappointment from the lopsided Portage loss linger.

"(Portage was) so happy, I was so upset. The way we lost, I wanted to re-do the game all over again," Thompson said. "There's no need to hold on to anything that happened, just take it as a lesson as to what not to do again, how to break a press, not have so many turnovers, focus on today's game and all the games looking forward. The good thing about our team is we keep each other up. We have a very positive team. I love my teammates."

Halfacre said the rebound started with Friday's productive practice.

"We knew we had to get better, get faster, get down the floor," she said. "We really did work together on our defense. The offense is starting to come together. We've got to put it behind us and move on. We can't change it." 

City hosts Kankakee Valley Tuesday. The memory of last season's sectional final loss still lingers with Megyese.

"I didn't say much in the locker room. I finished by saying Tuesday, KV comes into our place, let's take back what they took from you last year," he said. "I want that one. We'll be ready for the Kougars. We need to get a quality win."

Michigan City 63, Marquette 34

Trinity Thompson had 29 points and 15 rebounds.

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