As the two schools began counting the numbers and doing the math, both South Central and Westville figured it was a foregone conclusion that their baseball and softball teams would be moving from Class A to AA in the next two-year cycle.

With their volleyball and basketball teams already bumped up, it was assumed the same would apply to their spring team sports.

Both were surprised to learn Tuesday when the Indiana High School Athletic Association released the classification information that they would remain in Class A for baseball and softball.

"I was really surprised when I saw the sectional lineups come out," S.C. Athletics Director John Haggard said. "We were fully expecting to be in AA in both sports after basketball and volleyball moved up this year. I originally thought I just kept missing our name in the AA sectional pairings."

As it turns out, South Central (322) and Westville (320) are the two largest schools in Class A for baseball with Lafayette Central Catholic in AA as a result of the success factor. In softball, the cutoff wasn't quite as close with five larger enrollments in A ahead of the La Porte County pair.

"We kind assumed that we would move into 2A in baseball and softball, like basketball," Westville Athletics Director and boys basketball coach Drew Eubank said. "I didn't really take into account that not all of the schools who have basketball teams have baseball or softball, so it does make sense that we would stay in 1A."

The result is Westville will remain in Sectional 49 and South Central in Sectional 50, where the Satellites have ruled the roost in both sports in recent years.

"Our kids and coaches were ready for the challenge and some are disappointed that they won't get to face some different schools in the postseason," Haggard said. "That being said, we know what we need to do to continue being successful and we can move past the waiting game of finding out which sectionals we'll be in."

Ultimately, Eubank thought much the same way.

"While it can get confusing at times, our mentality is basically show us where to play and when and we will be there," he said.

Among the other county schools, nothing significantly changed. Michigan City softball stays in Sectional 2 and La Porte in Sectional 3. The baseball teams both remain in Sectional 3. New Prairie's baseball and softball teams will maintain the same post-season address in Class AAA Sectional 19 with Marquette's squads likewise holding a place in Class A Sectional 49 and LaCrosse's in Sectional 50.

All the enrollment and classification information is on the IHSAA website.

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