For South Central star catcher Faith Biggs’ opponents, she’s reminiscent of a dental office to those who don’t like making visits to have their teeth checked.

Like those yearly trips, most of the time, you can’t avoid her. She’s just too good and more often than not when you face her, you’re going to have a bad time.

How good is the junior, you ask?

After a season where Biggs hit .388 in 110 plate appearances, the Satellite star hit 11 home runs (up from just three a year ago), drove in 40 runs, cracked 12 extra-base hits and stole 32 bases in 33 attempts on her way to being named the 2019 La Porte County Softball Player of the Year in a season where S.C. won its sixth consecutive sectional championship and finished the season at 22-6.

“It’s a pretty good feeling,” Biggs said in between games for the Indiana Racers, her summer travel team, Saturday afternoon. “I didn’t think I was as good as I was last year this year, but it’s good to know that other people think highly of me. It really is a great feeling. There’s so many good players around here. I like being player of the year. It’s really nice.”

Although Biggs is harder on herself with her performance on the field compared to everyone else surrounding her on the diamond, including her father, S.C. first base coach Gary Biggs, Satellites coach Tony Wallace couldn’t be happier to have such a consistent presence in her lineup to lead the action off day in and day out.

“She’s been very important to what we do here,” Wallace said. “She’s our catalyst. She gets on base and things happen. When she gets on, it creates that ripple-down effect. We had Delanie Gale hitting behind her this season and she led the Northwest Indiana area in home runs (14) and slugging percentage (1.075), but none of that would’ve been possible without Faith giving her something to work with all the time.”

Coincidentally enough, Biggs and Gale are not only one of the area’s best 1-2 punches on the diamond, they’re one of the best in the state of Indiana and they just so happen to be best friends on and off the field. The duo combined to hit 25 home runs, 25 extra-base hits, drove in 84 runs, drew 38 walks and had 75 of South Central’s 280 hits this season.

“She really is my best friend,” Biggs said of the super frosh Gale. “We talk to each other about everything. When I’m having a bad game, she’s always trying to pick me up and when she’s having a bad game, I try to pick her up. When we both are having bad games, we’re still there for each other. It’s great having her around and backing me up.”

After South Central’s 9-4 defeat at the hands of Fremont for the second consecutive season in the regional title game, not many, if any, took the loss harder than Biggs. With tears in her eyes, she grasped her mother Tracy for a hug and some support as she exited the dugout towards the team bus.

“She’s always the hardest on herself,” Tracy Biggs said. “She’ll be back. They’ll be back. She had an amazing season and I’m so proud of her.”

It’s a common trend for the younger Biggs, who shares the dugout with her father during the season. There’s not much she appreciates more than being able to play softball with her dad keeping a close eye on her down at first base every day.

“Oh yes,” Biggs said with a laugh on her father’s influence in terms of being a perfectionist on the diamond.

“I’m always hard on myself everyday, and I mean, it’s my dad. I always try to impress him. If I do something bad, everybody knows ... I just look down that first base line and I get the look. I know it’s game on.”

The Biggs family isn’t the biggest basketball family, no pun intended, despite her talents as an all-around contributor for the sectional-winning Satellites on the hardwood last season. But after Gary coached older brother, Ethan, on the football field during his prep days, the softball star is thankful for having her time with her father as not just a parent, but as a coach and guiding light.

“That’s what we have in common,” Biggs said. “Basketball’s not really a big thing in our family, but softball is where he and I can have some alone time together. We’re able to talk about that and it helps bring us closer together.”

Another common trend in the Biggs family is that most members are enforcers of the law as police officers. Is Faith the next in line to wear a badge? Not likely.

Instead of riding around in a squad car, Biggs has an early interest before her senior year in the dental field. She hasn’t narrowed down her school choices as of now, but does have interest in attending a school in Michigan or heading down south to Florida.

“I don’t really want to go somewhere in Indiana,” Biggs said. “I want to explore a lot and get out of here.”

In terms of where her softball career can take her, the sky isn’t exactly a limit because she could go well beyond that.

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