When I pitched the idea to Mike, the guy who once in a while sits in the chair next to me at the office, I presented it in the context of dueling columns.

I'm a Cubs fan, you're a Sox fan. We can use the occasion of the first two games of the Crosstown Classic to drop some snark on each other 's team.

My only problem is, as I'm typing and watching the Cubs tee off on the Sox Cy Young candidate (snark), I can't really generate the hate for the South Siders. Now if this was Purdue playing the other Big Ten school in southern Indiana, I wouldn't have a problem channeling all sorts of animosity.  

I guess I would categorize as indifference. I didn't root against the Sox when they're facing anybody else, but I don't root for them either -- the obvious exceptions being possible interleague games with the Cardinals or the Brewers. I really didn't pay attention when they won the World Series. What year was that again, 2005? It's been so long, I forget (snark). 

I didn't mind Hawk, most of the time. Stay fair, get foul, stretch, it will, it won't, mercy. I use all of them. I actually really enjoy listening to Jason and Steve, maybe moreso than Len and JD. I poke fun at the empty seats in Comiskey Park, er, U.S. Cellular Field, er, Guaranteed Rate Field (snark) in a different manner than I do the inhabitants of Assembly (abbreviation not suitable for younger audiences) Hall, knowing it irritates some more sensitive fans, but there's no malice intended.

Why the general indifference? I'm not sure. People have told me you can't be a Cubs fan unless you hate the Sox. I don't buy that. Can you really like them both? I don't think I know anybody who does. I grew up going to Sox games because it was easier for my dad (a lukewarm Indians fan who really didn't care) to drive to than Cubs games, but we had a TV in the kitchen and WGN was on from the time I was in a high chair.

I was 6 during the collapse of 1969, so I didn't remember it well enough for it to do lasting damage. It was a different story in 1984, the blown 2-0 lead over the Padres, the ground ball through Leon Durham's legs, Steve Garvey rounding the bases with a raised fist. The Giants series in 1989 was over relatively quickly, but the scars from 2003, the lowest of the low points, added a couple layers to the emotional scar tissue that the bandwagon jumpers know nothing about. (I'm with you on them, Sox fans.)

My son secretly posted a clip of his dad sobbing when the Cubs made it to the 2016 World Series. Unfortunately, I was at work when they won it all in that year, but it was the apex of my life as a fan. I've been among those to say I'd be OK if it never happened again since I got to see something happen that I never thought I would, though you get greedy as the team continues to be good and ultimately want more, as I do now.

I don't know how much more window of opportunity the Cubs have. The pitching staff is aging, the big bats are going to be queueing up for their pay days soon and the farm system has been compromised for the sake of late-season acquisitions. That Eloy guy who hit the home run Tuesday night comes to mind. Jimenez, I think it is (snark). He's going to be special.

With the stockpile of young talent at and approaching the big league level, the Sox' time seems to be coming, so I'm going to enjoy the Cubs' upper hand as long as it lasts and continue to give the needle while the opportunity is still there.

Fly the W. 

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