UNION MILLS — Many kids start out playing baseball with their dad as their first coach.

For BJ Intagliata, it was his brother.

Jeff, a 2006 South Central graduate who played basketball and baseball for the Satellites, coached his second of three brothers in T Ball.

"He's always been the guy I look up to. I always wanted to be like him," BJ said. "He was always the one who taught me everything about baseball when I was little."

Like Jeff and Jason, a 2009 S.C. graduate, BJ played basketball and baseball.

"We all wanted to play football, but our parents wouldn't let us," he said.

BJ is trying to emulate Jeff in one other way. The eldest of four Intagliatas -- eighth-grader Bryce is the youngest -- was a part of S.C.'s regional champion teams in 2005 and 2006 under coach Kevin Hannon.

"They were one out away from winning semistate," BJ said. "I've always wanted to do better than them."

While BJ won't be able to match the two titles, he's got one last shot to join the club Saturday at Four Winds Field in South Bend, when the Satellites play in their fourth Class A regional in as many years. Success has eluded them as they've bowed out in the semifinals twice and fell in the finals the other time (2017).

"I just want it," BJ said. "It's my senior season. I've always really wanted to do something special, do something we haven't done before."

Teammates Carson Husmann and Kyle Schmack will be playing in college, at Bradley and Valparaiso, respectively, but this is it for BJ, who will enter trade school with plans to become an electrician after getting his S.C. diploma.

"BJ's more of a quiet leader," South Central coach Ryan Kruszka said. "BJ gets expressive when he needs to be, somebody when we really need to get people going."

A .290 hitter. Intagliata plays third base and has pitched largely in a relief role, picking up three wins with 25 strikeouts in 16 2/3 innings.

"I like the relief role a little more," he said. "Sometimes, I like to be under pressure. It's fun to pitch under pressure. It's more electric."

A JV player before he was brought up to varsity as a freshman, Intagliata served in a back-up capacity before breaking into the starting lineup last season.

"He's the kind of guy we can throw in any position at any time," Kruszka said. "He's not the type of guy who takes a long time to get ready. He wants the ball. He likes the moment of being in that pressure situation. We're going to get his best whenever he goes out there. He works hard. He and Karsen (Bailey) have started to take on that role in the meat of the order, driving guys in."

If his name is called Saturday, Intagliata will be ready.

"I think it's kicking in a little more that it could be our last game coming up," he said. "Some of us, it's going to be our last time on a competitive baseball field out here with our friends. We know we can't lose another game."

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