A fresh look

Photo by Jim PetersSouth Central has resurfaced the basketball court in its main gym with a new color scheme and design.

UNION MILLS — It's been a while since the last upgrade to South Central's basketball court, so school officials figured they'd do it up big.

Finishing coats of stain still have to be applied, but the focal point of the change, a large outline of the state of Indiana in the middle third of the court with a red capital 'S' and 'C' meeting at the center circle, is complete.

"It was a group effort of the coaches and staff," principal Ben Anderson said. "It's supposed to be re-done every 10 years and it's been upwards of 15 years. (Hebron Athletics Director) John Steinhilber was here the last time anything was done, so it was overdue."

The wood features varying shades of stain with a blue border around the court that had been previously red. The blue padding on the north wall will be replaced with red to be consistent with the south wall and the color of the bleachers.

"We have a high-def security camera (on the ceiling), so you can see how it's progressed," Anderson said. "The painting was really intricate."

The improvement will also include a new scorer's table and player/coach chairs. The project, paid by the corporation's operations fund, took about two weeks.

"Ben Anderson did a great job putting together the design for the revamped look of the court," Satellites boys coach Joe Wagner said. "It was time for a new look and it got the facelift it needed. I love the darker stain on certain parts of the court. The (Porter County Conference) is represented on the court as well as the state of Indiana. I look forward to being on it soon."

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