Nurse was a 'godsend'

Recently, our 95-year-old mother was hospitalized at La Porte Hospital. While we were very impressed with the level of care she received overall, one nurse, Nathan Corey, was a godsend to us. His caring and compassion for our mom and for us was so far above what we expected that we felt he deserved some special recognition.

We anticipated having well trained nurses, but what we couldn't believe was the extra special emotional support he provided for our family. Because of his advice that if people were planning to visit our mom tomorrow, they should come today instead, our son flew in and had the opportunity to talk with his grandmother before she started sleeping totally throughout the day.

We will never forget Nathan Corey's kind words, compassion, advice or hugs during this most difficult time of our lives. He truly has found the right vocation to share his special talents.

— Karen and Fred Pieplow,

St. Joseph, Michigan


Declare your freedom from tobacco use

Addiction to tobacco products keeps thousands of Hoosiers from living a healthier life. The decision to quit using tobacco products may be an obvious one for many, but it can be a difficult journey to take.

That is why it is important for those who are ready to quit to focus on their own reason for quitting. Do you want to help protect your family from secondhand smoke? Do you want to improve your health? Are you concerned about all the money you could be saving instead of buying tobacco products?

There are countless reasons that people choose to help them overcome their tobacco addiction. What will your reason be for quitting?

Our country’s freedom didn’t come easy, and neither will ending your tobacco addiction. Along with the support of loved ones and your health care provider, there is free help available through the Indiana Tobacco Quitline. Call (800) Quit-Now or visit when you’re ready to take the first step towards a tobacco-free life.

— Sarah Null,

Healthy Communities La Porte County

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