Student also a teacher at Marquette

Adam Pierzakowksi

MICHIGAN CITY — “Adam Pierzakowksi, could you please come to the office?” sounding over the intercom is a common occurrence at Marquette Catholic High School.

And that’s a good thing because, in Pierzakowksi’s case, the senior doesn’t cause problems, he provides solutions, according to Marquette spokesman Bradley Collignon.

He’s a charter member of Marquette’s student-run Technology Team, the launch of which coincided with the school’s 1:1 iPad initiative in 2017, Collignon said.

The organization focuses on helping peers with questions or issues surrounding their iPad hardware or software.

Pierzakowski’s development, accessibility and problem-solving skills have been pivotal to Marquette’s continued commitment to the latest technology, Collignon said.

For the senior, it’s just part of his education.

“The issues and problems that I handle are replacing or repairing keyboards, pushing apps to students when certain apps that are hard to re-download stop working or are accidentally deleted, and deal with passwords with most of the services here like Renweb and Apple ID,” Pierzakowski said. “I also deal with issuing spares to students when they are getting repairs done to their iPads.”

The Technology Team is comprised of nine members: Adam Burroughs, Joseph Henrich, Christopher Huseman, Robert Johnson, Aidan McDonnell, Brendan Mack, Lucas Trinks, Yasmir Young and Pierzakowski.

Just last week, the group created a Google form that allows users to document an issue or question, receive an immediate email response, and track their progress within the queue.

It’s this sort of vision and innovation that makes Marquette’s Technology Team such a valuable resource to students and staff, Collignon said. Because it’s not just students that have problems with the technology.

The benefits have been mutual, according to Pierzakowski.

“The Technology Team has empowered me to chase this interest since it provides more knowledge with problems that arise every so often,” he said.

“For Marquette, it helps retain the college prep identity as more and more college students move over to laptops and tablets for note taking and to work on assignments.”

Pierzakowski’s interest in computers sparked at a young age when he tinkered around with video games and Windows computers, he said. That interest has melded into a skill that can help hundreds of Marquette students and staff member today, and possibly thousands more tomorrow.

“My college plan is to major in computer engineering at Purdue University,” he said.

In the midst of his final year at Marquette, Pierzakowski will turn over the proverbial passwords to another student next spring, he said.

His advice for underclassmen? Get involved.

“Join if you like technology and problem solving,” he said. “You will definitely pick up things along the way that can be useful if you or your family use mobile Apple products like iPhones and iPads.”

—From staff reports 

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