Keep Gramarossa as Commissioner

It’s very interesting that Commissioner Mrozinski writes a letter in support of Commissioner Gramarossa, and immediately several orchestrated responses appear in the paper (could they all have been written by the same person?). The responses were from prominent Democrats as well as someone, who has no dog in the fight, from Las Vegas.

When asked her top three priorities for La Porte County, Mrs. Brillson answered “jobs, jobs and jobs.” Yet, there is no clarification of a plan to make this happen. The county government does not create jobs, unless they hire more people. If they hire more people they have to pay more people, in order to pay more people they have to raise taxes. Do we, the taxpayers of La Porte County, want to pay more taxes? I don’t think so.

By contrast, Mrs. Gramarossa’s approach is to build the infrastructure in both Kingsbury and the I-94/421 corridor, bring private land owners and investors together, and actually make something happen. This is the way it would work, if you were using your own money.

Mrs. Gramarossa, a small business owner, is new to politics and still thinks she should work as though she was using her own money. (Protect it - invest it wisely.) She understands business and how it works. She will not quit this position, just like she didn’t quit her education until she completed an MBA program. She used her educational experience successfully in the private sector and now she has brought this experience to county government. She is moving forward with the best interests of the taxpayers in mind. She has stated she will continue as a full time Commissioner, her opponent declines to make a similar commitment.

Let’s keep Connie on the job as Commissioner.

— Ron Schafer

La Porte


The same God will hear you

Someone told me that I look at life through rose-colored glasses, but you know, I'm alright with that.

The world today dwells on the negative instead of the positive. We look for the bad in our leaders, always nitpicking. If we keep dwelling on the negative, that's just what we'll have.

Today I urge you to look to the positive and pray for the negative. Pray to God to right the wrong and lead us out of  this state of affairs that we've gotten ourselves into. God has heard the prayers of our forefathers and He is the same God who will hear our prayers today.

— Yvonne Peeples,

La Porte

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