Time to take action on meth problem

According to a May 14 article in the NWI Times, Indiana has the fifth-worst drug problem in the nation. The author states the opioid addiction problem is being overcome by methamphetamine use.

In the past couple months, I have heard so many issues regarding methamphetamine use. This is causing La Porte county to have a bad reputation and causing harm to individuals. I feel this is a serious issue that needs to be controlled. Within the past couple months, there have been two incidents in La Porte County with meth use.

In the newspapers, I read about the motel incident in Michigan City on Sept. 26. The individual was found with two deceased people in the motel room, dealing methamphetamine with the dead bodies around him. Then, on Sept. 27, two more individuals were arrested for dealing. The fact that these incidents are only a day apart and of such magnitude is a bit concerning.

We need stricter repercussions. Also, instead of just arresting these individuals, they should go to a rehab center and get the help they need. Then, when and if they go back out into the world, they are clean and hopefully won’t go back to using. The article mentioned a law that was authored by Sen. Merritt that establishes comprehensive addiction recovery centers. The law provides $1 million to start these centers. The article also mentions that the former Franciscan Health hospital in Michigan City could be a potential site for a center.

Why aren’t we acting on this? Am I the only resident of Indiana that is concerned our state is the fifth worst in the nation? I urge our community leaders to address this issue immediately to make our future a safer place.

– Marissa Sullivan,

La Porte

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