Vision, leadership lacking in prosecutor's office

Last year, I took the bold step to run for prosecutor, knowing that I did not have any political backing, but I believed that stepping up was the right thing to do for La Porte County. Having worked as a deputy prosecutor here for 23 years, I knew the prosecutor’s office was failing victims, law enforcement and the justice system on a daily basis. I believed that I could provide the vision and leadership lacking in the office, and I still do. Although the odds of me prevailing against the incumbent were not great, I was chosen as the Democratic candidate based on my experience, integrity and vision.

It is my qualifications and passion for seeking justice for every victim, assisting law enforcement to find the truth on every case, and safeguarding the rights of the accused, that have earned me endorsements from many experienced prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement officers, unions and the La Porte Fraternal Order of Police. They all recognize I am passionate about justice and doing the job the right way.

I am a devoted husband, proud father of seven children, lifelong resident of La Porte County, honors graduate of Notre Dame, graduate of Notre Dame Law School, with over 24 years of successful prosecutorial experience.

With your support, we can restore the balance of justice in this county and help combat the endless cycle of domestic abuse, drug abuse, and hopelessness that prevails in parts of our community. Together we can free up law enforcement to do what they do best – follow the evidence, seek the truth, and find the person who committed the crime. Together we will see that justice is done for every victim, in every case, in every court.

I ask for your support and vote on Nov. 6.

– John Lake,

Democratic candidate for La Porte County Prosecutor


Stabosz endorses Gramarossa

As a La Porte City Councilman, I have the responsibility to stand up when it is important, and support candidates who I believe will best serve our people. Such is the case with Connie Gramarossa for County Commissioner, who I am enthused to endorse. Connie has a no nonsense, authentic quality to her that suits the sensibilities of we Midwestern types. What you see is what you get, and that is refreshing, reassuring, and comforting to see in a "politician." Moreover, Connie has a background in business. She has an MBA degree, which is significant, because having someone as County Commissioner who understands efficiency, effectiveness, and cost containment will make for a better run government.

Connie also has a Special Education degree, providing a balanced skill set between businesswoman and educator. (She did not "cut her teeth" in government, and is NOT a career politician.)

Connie is independent, thinks for herself, and will not be "rolled over." She has the interest of the citizens at heart, is analytical, conscientious, approachable, and will fight for what is right. She has gumption, and grabs the bull by the horns when suffering a setback. She cares about people, knows how to listen, and is not vain, self-absorbed, self-important, or highfalutin.

I believe it is important that the position of Commissioner be filled by someone who has committed to be full-time in the position. The job is too important to accept anything less. Connie has made this commitment, but her opponent has, inexplicably, refused to make a similar commitment.

For me, the choice is clear. Connie Gramarossa has the experience, the character, the integrity and the commitment to make her the best choice for the job. I heartily endorse her for election to the position of County Commissioner.

— Timothy Stabosz,

La Porte City Councilman At-Large


Endorsement of Lake for La Porte Prosecuting Attorney

Please allow this correspondence to serve as a letter of endorsement in support of John Lake as the next La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney.

In my years of experience as a La Porte County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with John Lake. I considered Mr. Lake not only my colleague, but my mentor during my employment at the Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Lake was one of the fellow deputies I asked for guidance and advice. I knew then and now Mr. Lake had the experience, expertise and knowledge I could rely upon when making critical decisions as a Deputy Prosecutor.

John Lake’s record as a Deputy Prosecutor speaks for itself. Mr. Lake achieved a 99 percent conviction rate in the over 100 bench and jury trials he tried in his 23 years as a Deputy Prosecutor for La Porte County. Mr. Lake was successful in prosecuting crimes and serving justice to the citizens of La Porte County. John Lake is the person La Porte County can count on in making the needed change to the Prosecutor’s Office.

I encourage and ask the citizens of La Porte County to vote for John Lake as the next La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Your vote counts and is needed in this very important election.

— Barbra A. Stooksbury,

La Porte


Rice: I have the experience

As a former school administrator and superintendent, I developed effective leadership skills by learning what was important to the community and working hard to accomplish those goals. On an annual basis, I developed multimillion dollar budgets, supported by tax revenue, to operate public school programs. And, by working collaboratively with many dedicated and talented individuals, I was able to put forth a quality educational program for young people.

I believe being an effective leader means knowing the concerns and expectations of people you serve and providing the leadership to reach those goals. It involves the willingness to communicate and work toward a compromise with those of differing viewpoints for the common good. It is the ability to think outside the box in order to find solutions to difficult problems. And, it is having the courage to make the hard decisions when it serves the public’s best interest.

As your representative in county government, I can assure you that I will work as hard as possible to accomplish a better future for the people of La Porte County. As a retiree, I have the time to focus my energies on being your representative in county government.

I want to find workable solutions for the housing and care of people who are homeless, support programs that reduce drug use and provide rehabilitation for people with addiction. I support the on-going double-track expansion plans for the South Shore, continued studies for a bypass around the City of La Porte, commercial growth for our cities’ downtown areas, and continued enhancement of our county facilities.

I will use my experience and skills to move this county toward a better future for all of our citizens.

I ask you to vote.

— Jim Rice, 

La Porte


Christina Espar refreshing change

When we think of how politics and politicians are viewed today, we realize that something has gone terribly wrong. What was once thought of as a noble cause is now laughed at, and those who seek or hold office are thought of as reprehensible by many.

I know that sometimes we do not even know who it is that we are asked to choose between, so we vote straight tickets – one party or the other – and nothing changes.

I have a good feeling about Christina Espar. She is running for La Porte County Prosecutor. She is young and has much energy. How refreshing to see and hear from someone who has not held office but has an enormous understanding of what it will take to improve upon the work already begun, and to implement change that will benefit all the people in La Porte County, no matter if they are Democrat or Republican.

I sincerely hope that many of us will look to this vibrant young woman and realize that it is the young people of today who can make a difference, and begin putting us back on the path of respect toward politics and politicians.

– Allysa Harvey,

Michigan City


Full-time prosecutors keep county residents safer

The current race for the prosecutor’s office has raised the issue of part-time versus full-time deputy prosecutors. Many Indiana prosecutors require that all deputy prosecutors must act in a full-time capacity. The likely theory behind that requirement is that a lawyer, who devotes all of his or her time and energy focusing on criminal prosecutions, will be more effective in promoting justice in the counties that he or she serves. The old biblical quotation that “no man can serve two masters...” is well rooted in reality.

A part-time deputy prosecutor must also maintain a private practice for financial survival. The obligation to divide time between two important legal duties can easily lead to placing the majority of his or her effort into the private practice component. Law enforcement, at all levels, especially at the prosecutor’s level, is a tough, no-nonsense job, which demands complete and focused attention to the task at hand.

Christina Espar has stated, from the very beginning of her campaign, that she will always require all deputy prosecutors to work in a full-time capacity. She has seen, firsthand, how focusing each day on carrying out the duties of a deputy prosecutor will serve the criminal justice system effectively and efficiently, without having to attempt to follow two masters. Her opponent has taken the opposite position. The safety of all citizens in La Porte County demands that we have full-time prosecutors working on behalf of the justice system. Vote for Christina Espar to give us that important option.

– Jason Lambert,

Michigan City


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