It’s Espar versus the status quo

All too frequently, those of us in the 50-plus category are extremely vocal in our criticism of members of the younger generation who fail to participate in civic activities, and who do not take the time to introduce new ideas which may help fix some of the problems in our community.

When a bright and talented individual such as Christina Espar shows the courage to step forward with new and well-thought-out ideas to challenge the current criminal justice system, seeing an immediate response from the opposition which focuses on his experience is not surprising, but is, at the same time, very disheartening. DOing the same thing, over and over again, for any period of time – no matter how long – is not my definition of experience. In my humble opinion, an appropriate definition of experience is: to search out more efficient and effective methods to carry out the duties of your position; and to motivate those you work with to follow your example.

Our country was built on the ingenuity, resourcefulness and downright gumption of people who challenged the status quo and found a better way to attack a problem. Christina recognizes that adult criminals don’t suddenly appear in our community, SHe knows that disregard for law and order begins at a much younger age. Studies show that the majority of violent adult offenders in the U.S. have extensive histories of violent juvenile crime. Ms. Espar has offered solid, well-thought-out ideas to reduce crime in our community by proposing methods for juvenile crime intervention. A vote for Christina Espar is a vote for positive change in our criminal justice system instead of perpetuating the status quo.

– May Zacaharias,

Michigan City


Democrat likes Espar’s vision, priorities

I am a Democrat, but at the local level I believe you have to focus on what candidates propose to do to improve La Porte County, regardless of party. In this election, I believe the most important race is for county prosecutor. The Democratic candidate speaks about his experience and going back to the “old ways.” The Republican does not have as much experience but speaks about what she wants to do to improve the system.

The brutal murder of Gerald Peters, a respected retired teacher a few years ago, brought home the need to spend greater efforts on preventing crime before it occurs. He was not killed by mature adults, but was beaten to death by youthful offenders. People who knew him remember a kind and thoughtful teacher who helped young people reach their potential. To have his life tragically ended by youths sent a shock wave through Michigan City and La Porte County.

The Democratic candidate seems more focused on taking the prosecutor’s office back to the way it was, with part-time prosecutors, rather than offering new approaches or initiatives. The Republican, Christina Espar, has campaigned on her vision to improve the criminal justice system by working to intercept juvenile offenders before they become adult criminals, to focus on domestic abuse, to deal with the scourge of addiction through treatment and diversion programs while still going after dealers, and to fight child trafficking and sexual abuse.

I agree with her vision that the prosecutor should have full-time, dedicated staff, free of personal conflicts. I find her priorities more in keeping with my values as a Democrat, and her thinking to be logical and progressive. I will be voting for her on Nov. 6. I urge all voters to look at the issues and not simply vote along party lines.

– Edward Zaknoen,

Michigan City


Integrity necessary for prosecutor's office

I work in Michigan City and have observed the political cycle in full swing. Michigan City politics is a bit unique and different from what I am accustomed to. However, what is not different and easily transparent are the words and actions of the candidates.

As a prosecutor, the display and belief in fairness, professionalism, and conduct becoming of the office are basic but necessary values we should mandate to be worthy of our vote. Only one local candidate has demonstrated the integrity for the office. The other was formally suspended for unethical conduct.

I would hope for the sake of this growing and changing city that residents obligate the elected persons to the basic tenants of civility. Vote for integrity – vote Espar.

– David Henke,

Michigan City 

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