Tears of a D.O.C. officer

In 1980 I was a new female correctional officer at Westville. My career as a female officer was all spent at Westville.

Now in 2019, 39 years later, I am a proud female vet preparing to retire. I’ve been through two riots and handling inmates with only my wit, wisdom and courage.

Since 2005 when Mitch (Daniels) sold out all state workers in Indiana, I and other officers are not in fear of inmates, but in fear of our jobs being done away with simply out of vengeance and the attitude that we can fire you at our whim and fancy. Simply because the law of the land says they can.

HR and Westville now does not have the safety of the citizens of Westville or the safety and orderly running of the facility.

They are now firing those who only want to rate inmates’ sex appeal and how great their butts look.

I am now retiring and no longer need or have to be afraid what the powers that be can do to me. But, the good, solid vets have everything to be afraid of until they retire.

God have mercy on the Westville D.O.C. vet.

— Sarah Lynn,


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