Mrozinski letter 'poked the wrong bear'

La Porte County Commissioner Rich Mrozinski's letter in the Herald-Argus on Oct. 24 "poked the wrong bear" (me) by painting a grossly inaccurate picture of Sheila Brillson candidate for La Porte County Commissioner. I have never written a letter of endorsement for any candidate, but feel compelled to do so for Sheila.

I am a proud lifelong Democrat of La Porte County and current elected official. I take issue with my friend and former Michigan City mayor being belittled in Mr. Mrozinski's letter while super-inflating his candidate's qualifications. Yes Mr. Mrozinski, your candidate is the incumbent commissioner, but only for the past five months. Sheila's qualifications are stellar.

• A 30-year resident of La Porte County.

• A well-educated and proven leader.

• Dedicated her life to public service.

• Two-term Michigan City Councilwoman.

• Two-term Michigan City Mayor.

• Will listen to the concerns of "all" residents of La Porte County, as evidenced by her tireless campaigning several days a week in the South, West, East, and North county throughout this Election Cycle.

• A wonderful role model – at one point juggling being mayor, raising five children with her husband, and caring for her in-laws.

Sheila will be a great La Porte County Commissioner!

– Beth (McKee) Pishkur,

Michigan City

Vice President of La Porte County Women's Democratic Club


Fellow commissioner supports Brillson

I write to enthusiastically support the candidacy of Sheila Brillson, who I’m hoping the voters will see fit to have join me as a partner on the La Porte County Board of Commissioners.

In a day and age when economic development is key, Sheila showed she possesses the personal skills and savvy to induce employers to bring their businesses to our county. As mayor, she was successful in landing several firms with good paying jobs (Frech USA, GAF, Central States Manufacturing) and part of that success was the strength of her personality and salesmanship. She’d be a terrific advocate for our county.

It’s important to point out that while she has committed to actually being in the commissioners’ office, she realizes that you can’t properly do the job just sitting behind a desk. Sheila Brillson knows that to be the most effective commissioner, you need to be out in the community going to businesses and functions where residents are. And you use technology to stay in touch by phone and text so you can be on call 24-7, just like I do. This is how business is conducted in 2018.

We saw that kind of work ethic from Sheila when she was mayor. I’m asking voters who supported me to please give me a great working partner on the County Commission in Sheila Brillson.

– Vidya Kora, M.D.,

County Commissioner


Sheila Brillson continues to impress

I grew up in La Porte County during Sheila Brillson's time as the Mayor of Michigan City – a role at which she excelled, while also raising five outstanding children. I am very familiar with her strong work ethic, as well as the lasting contributions she has made to our area.

More recently, I have attended numerous civic meetings where Sheila Brillson has continued to impress me. She has an incredible depth of knowledge about our region, and clearly puts her whole heart into serving its citizens. Her time as a public servant outside of our community gives her a fresh perspective that only enhances the quality of her work.

Sheila Brillson has a well-deserved reputation for intelligence and integrity. Her dedication to our community is beyond question. Any suggestion to the contrary is false to the point of absurdity.

– Molly Kelley,

Michigan City


Brillson knows what's important

Sheila Brillson brought accountability, integrity, and economic development to Michigan City when she was the mayor. I never saw anyone work harder than she did to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

She attacked huge problems like the garbage dump that allowed trash and awful odors to swirl around the southern entry to our city. She was able to eliminate “massage parlors” in Michigan City when no one else would do anything about it. I’ll never forget her words when she was pressed to explain why she was so concerned about this problem. She said, “It tears at the fabric our community."

She knows what is important to families and for creating an attractive community for businesses that want to invest and succeed. She will bring all of this commitment and integrity to her work as a County Commissioner. Please give her, and us, an opportunity to make La Porte County great.

– Deborah Chubb,

Michigan City


Brillson always puts the citizens first

It was my pleasure, many years ago, to meet Sheila Brillson during her first run for Michigan City mayor. I had admired her work on the City Council and was anxious to help her get elected. As mayor she led our community with honor and integrity, always putting the citizens first. Her honest style broke through the cronyism that existed for many years, and I am proud to this day to call her one of my mentors.

The recent letter from a current commissioner could not be further from the truth. Sheila is not in this for the money; she is committed to bettering the lives of all La Porte County residents and will bring in a breath of fresh air and new ideas.

– Sue Warnke,

Las Vegas, Nevada


Brillson a 'hard-working, honest' person

I attended one of the meet the candidates nights and listened to both candidates for the office of La Porte County Commissioner.

At this meeting I understood Sheila Brillson, one of the candidates, to say that she would be out and about talking with citizens. She would not be sitting at a desk just taking a paycheck. She never stated that she would just be taking a paycheck as stated by Mr. Mrozinski.

Sheila spoke of her many, many years of public service to Michigan City and La Porte County. I have known Sheila for over 40 years and she is an honest, hard-working and brilliant woman. She was always available to anyone while a city council member and mayor. As mayor, she brought so much to the city of Michigan City.

Mr. Mrozinski stated that Shelia has moved back to the area recently. Ms. Brillson has lived in La Porte County for over 30 years. Mr. Mrozinski also stated that she left the area abruptly and did not finish out her term. She spoke of this at the candidates night.

Sheila established a transition team with Chuck Oberlie when she left for personal reasons.

I also agree with Sheila that bringing jobs to La Porte County is the number one priority. I have seen posted notices looking for people to fill job vacancies and I have asked about these jobs. Most of them are part-time and without benefits. Our citizens need full-time employment and benefits to support themselves and a family.

– Kate Kelley,

Michigan City


Disagrees with endorsement of Gramarossa

To Mr. Mrozinski: I find myself increasingly disappointed and frankly concerned about your leadership as a county commissioner and your letter of support for Gramarossa only fueled those concerns. You stated that Gramarossa has never been elected to office and was appointed to her role. I don’t doubt that as a business and farm owner, she has an interest in the county. However, as a resident of this county and a businessperson, I believe that experience matters and that is why I will vote Shelia Brillson.

I have had the opportunity to work with Shelia Brillson personally and have found her to be smart, action-oriented and passionately committed to La Porte County and its citizens. She has experience, connections and the vision to support the growth of our county, and is not afraid to take a stand for the future. I might add that “time spent in a physical office does not equate to quality work,” and I am offended you equate office time with value.

Shelia believes in transparency in government and, frankly, the actions this commission has taken recently could use some transparency regarding secret contracts and some renewed respect for the voice of the citizen. To quote your own words from your radio interview post about the Waste Management meeting to “put them in their place.” I agree, let’s put Shelia Brillson in her place, beside you on the county commission.

– Sharlene Livesay,

Michigan City


Kaelynn Ludlow Deckard endorsed for Scipio Township Trustee

This is an open letter to the citizens of Scipio Township, La Porte County, Indiana. It is a letter of recommendation and endorsement of the candidacy of Kaelynn Ludlow Deckard for the office of trustee.

I have been acquainted with the Ludlow family for more than 50 years and have known Kaelynn her entire life. Beginning with Kaelynn's grandparents, Lee and Mary Ludlow, and her parents, Rip and Shelly Ludlow, I believe that anyone and everyone will agree as to their honesty and integrity. Allowing an old saying, "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree," Kaelynn is a mirror of her lineage.

Following her marriage to Matthew, they purchased the home next door to Rita and myself and have established their family there very well. They are wonderful parents to their two children and great neighbors. To say that we believe that Kaelynn is capable of handling the position of Township Trustee is without question. This we say with day to day experiences in dealing with her both personally and professionally through county government.

This endorsement is in no way nor should it be considered negatively toward Kaelynn's opponent, it is simply our views of a fine young woman that we believe would represent our township professionally.

— Ken and Rita Layton,

La Porte


Samspon endorses Kaelynn Ludlow Deckard for trustee

This letter is to the citizens of Scipio Township. As the Scipio Township Trustee for the past 40 plus years, I know what qualities are need to be a successful township trustee.

I believe that Kaelynn Ludlow Deckard possesses these qualities. She is dedicated, caring, concerned and hard working.

Kaelynn is dedicated to maintaining low tax rates, excellent fire protection for the residents of the township and one of the best volunteer fire departments in the county. Her compassion and her concern for others enhance her ability to assist those in need.

Kaelynn and her husband Matt volunteer and assist in maintenance of the township park and are very active in the fire department.

I believe Scipio Township is in good financial and physical condition at the present time and that Kaelynn Ludlow Deckard will work hard to continue to maintain that status. Kaelynn will have my support and assistance during and after the transition.

On Nov. 6, please vote for Kaelynn Ludlow Deckard for the next Scipio Township Trustee.

— Nina Sampson,

Scipio Township Trustee

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