Stabosz wants to lead city in right direction

I am voting for Tim Stabosz because I admire his deep passion and enthusiasm for the city of La Porte, and also, for the people of La Porte. He really does love La Porte and likes to give back to the community. He really wants to be a leader for the city of La Porte and lead the city in the right direction.

Tim is well qualified for the job of mayor. He has been a city councilman for two terms, is a business man, investor and knows about financial management. Tim is very in-depth in what La Porte needs and has plans for the direction of the city.

Tim is a very sincere and confident candidate. He is always concerned when people approach him with their problems or issues about anything in the city. In a personal experience, I recently called Tim about a code enforcement issue involving a neighbor with an unsightly property. Tim was a good listener and assured me this issue would be solved. He called me twice for follow-up about this problem. He was genuinely concerned.

La Porte is unique and special because of its historical structures, many lakes and parks. Tim stresses that these qualities are La Porte’s strengths to bring people into the city. Beautification and upkeep are important to keep La Porte a special community.

I agree with Tim’s vision for La Porte which includes better roads and sidewalks, strong code enforcement for beautification of the city, ways to solve the drug problem, economic development, quieting train whistles, making sure zoning codes are followed, and looking into a bypass to reroute truck traffic from the downtown.

That vision is my vision. Please vote for Tim Stabosz on May 7.

— Susan Ebert,

La Porte


Stabosz wants city to meet its potential 

Tim Stabosz is my choice for mayor. Tim has lived in La Porte for 27 years and been active in city government and the community.

His financial background along with his involvement in all aspects of city government allows him to hit the ground running as mayor. He is involved in the community giving him another view of the city. Tim is methodical and follows protocols. He wants all the pros and cons before making a decision. He is not afraid to stand on his principals and will stand his ground when he feels he is right.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to contact Tim as my councilman. He has always been available. He has listened and offered suggestions and options.

His interest is in doing what will benefit the whole community – not just some of the community. He is established here in the community and doesn’t have any desire to leave the community. He wants to preserve our lakes and make them safe and accessible to everyone.

Tim understands that La Porte has the potential to be a “destination.” He understands we need to find ways to make La Porte a place in which our young people feel they can prosper and raise their families. This means we need to plan ahead and be choosy about what industries we allow to come into the community as well as make sure the tax cuts given are being used correctly and do not undermine the intent.

Tim is a longtime resident with experience in city government who wants the city to meet its potential and provide a city that is a “destination” where our children will stay and raise their families. He has visions and goals that will benefit all of our residents not just a few.

— Bonnie Milam,

La Porte



Stabosz touts plan for La Porte

When I first announced my run for mayor in January, I knew that our city desperately needed to have a discussion about who we are, where we want to go, and what we want to be.

I am proud that, as this campaign comes to a close, I have done everything I can to lead that discussion. My message is and has been an uplifting one about making La Porte a "Quality of Life Destination." It has been a message about improved upkeep, beautification, and making much needed public investment, in order to attract the private investment that will allow us to grow and flourish.

If we make the city as attractive, desirable, livable and stable as possible, we will draw the technological, artistic, creative, educated and small business entrepreneur types. We will also attract more large corporations. In short, a mayor needs to make the climate right, so that the job creators we desire will find La Porte irresistible!

I know I have the vision to lead us to this Holy Grail and I am the only candidate that has laid out the specific steps I will take (my 9-point economic development plan) that will transform La Porte, while protecting everything we love about our city.

I have lived in the city for almost 30 years, and am the only mayoral candidate with experience in city government. I know the department heads, boards and commissions, the budget, and all the ins and outs of city government. Best of all, I know economic development, and know what we need to do to "upscale" our beloved city. I truly believe I am the best man for the job, and I would greatly appreciate your support. On or before May 7, please vote Tim Stabosz for Mayor of La Porte.

— Timothy Stabosz,

La Porte City Councilman At-Large


Pinkerton for 5th ward councilman

I am 72-years-old, born and raised in La Porte, graduated from La Porte High School in 1966, married my high school sweetheart Barbara.

Have been married for 52 years. I have two daughters and three grandchildren. I attend Zion Tabernacle where I am an Elder.

I have served on the City's police Merit Commission for 12 years, currently serving on the Mayor's Veterans Committee for eight years.

I am committed to serving the city I love and have called home from the beginning. I have been attending city meetings and have gained much knowledge and awareness. I want to help the people live better, see what their problems are, improve how we do business, fix the things that need fixing and make a difference. As a councilman I would serve the people, dedicate myself to the city and do what is best for you.

I have 34 years of service with NIPSCO, 10 years in the union and 24 years in supervision. My managerial responsibilities with NIPSCO included warehouse operations which provided me broad experience as the position involved interfacing with the departments of budgeting, accounting, purchasing, planning and engineering. The inventory control function was key for making sure electric line and gas street departments had equipment to do their jobs.

I served 22 years in the U.S. Navy and reserves. I served in Vietnam from November 1970 through July 1971. My dad served in World War II. I have held a commission in the Military Department of the State of Indiana as a major in the Indiana Guard Reserve. I am a member of the Vietnam Vets of La Porte, American Legion Post 83, VFW Post 1130.

I would appreciate your vote May 7.

— Larry Pinkerton,

La Porte


La Porte Firefighter PAC endorses Parthun for clerk-treasurer

The La Porte Firefighter Political Action Committee (PAC) is proud to endorse Courtney Parthun for clerk-treasurer in the 2019 City of La Porte Primary Election.

Courtney brings a fresh, common sense business perspective to the office of clerk-treasurer, City of La Porte.

We believe Courtney will listen and work collaboratively to ensure our firefighters are highly trained and well equipped to handle any situation.

The La Porte Firefighter PAC was created in 2004 as a local organization that is committed to making sure firefighters in the City of La Porte and La Porte County have the highest quality equipment, training and most competitive pay in the State of Indiana.

— Brian Gray,

La Porte Firefighters IAFF Local 363 board member


Bilderback reflects on her campaign

As the campaign comes to a close, I wanted to say thank you!

It has been an inspiring and humbling experience to run for City Council. Walking the 3rd Ward, I've met many of you, my fellow residents, and I appreciate the opportunity I was given to introduce myself to you in person. You told me what's important to you, your frustrations and hopes for La Porte. I walked away with a better understanding of our community and with a renewed determination to keep going, rain, shine or snow! On Saturday morning, I attended the Jeff DeCamp Field dedication, a beautifully improved baseball field that's the result of the efforts of a group of dedicated citizens, along with the park department and Healthcare Foundation, working together to bring this wonderful addition to La Porte.

As we get closer to Election Day, I am reminded by every person I have met and every issue that's been discussed that even though La Porte has its issues and problems, we are lucky to live in a town that does not lack in people wanting to work together and to be involved in making La Porte a better place. I believe that my involvement in initiatives that include the BID board, Tree Commission and Historic Preservation Commission provided me opportunities not only to work with the city, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to get even more involved.

Running for this office is a natural progression of my dedication to La Porte! After attending virtually all of the council meetings the last 3 1/2 years, I have a very good understanding of the issues coming before the council and I believe I can bring a fresh perspective, passion for La Porte, and a strong work ethic to the council chambers. I am running because I want to make a difference in our community.

Please vote for me on or before May 7.

— Ela Bilderback,

La Porte

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