FOP Lodge #54 endorses Dermody

FOP Lodge #54 has voted to endorse Tom Dermody's candidacy as the Mayor for the City of La Porte, Indiana, because of his knowledge, business experience, vision and work ethics.

With this endorsement comes the promise to notify our members and to encourage them to urge their family, friends and neighbors to also vote for Dermody.

We wish Tom Dermody the best in his quest for Mayor for the City of La Porte and look forward to working with him and his team. We know he will have pride in his work here in the City of La Porte, Indiana, his hometown.

— Chae Uhlemann,

President of FOP Lodge #54


Stabosz is committed to La Porte

Over the past few weeks, I have listened to the candidates for Mayor and have evaluated their prospective agendas prior to the upcoming primary and election.

I respect Timothy Stabosz’s long-standing commitment to the City of La Porte as a City Councilman. He is honest and provides keen insights into our community's strengths and weaknesses. He has a willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns.

His vision for the future of La Porte is progressive and positive. His tenure as Councilman and expertise in the area of finance make him a well qualified candidate for this office.

With all this in mind, I am supporting his candidacy and hoping for his success on election day.

— Sharon A. Dettmer,

La Porte


RPAC Trustees endorse Meer

The La Porte County Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC) Trustees are pleased to officially announce mayoral endorsement for Mayor Ron Meer of Michigan City. The RPAC Trustees are comprised of members of the La Porte County Association of REALTORS (LPCAR). The RPAC Trustees assessed the race and made the endorsement decision for the upcoming May Primary.

Mayor Ron Meer is a proven leader having served as the Mayor of Michigan City since January 2012. Meer’s goals moving forward include job creation with a focus on job training, and housing availability. The trustees are excited about the direction that Mayor Meer has taken Michigan City and look forward to work together with Mayor Meer.

The La Porte County Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC) supports local candidates in La Porte County who share their position on issues such as protecting property rights, promoting smart growth, creating affordable housing opportunities, and encouraging economic development — regardless of partisan affiliation.

— Iris Muccigrosso,

La Porte County Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee

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