Operating Engineers endorse Dermody

The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150 endorses Tom Dermody’s 2019 campaign for election to the office of La Porte mayor.

This endorsement is based on Dermody’s commitment to ensure quality of life for the residents in his community with the many vital government services that residents rely on. In addition, Dermody realizes that addressing overall infrastructure needs in the city adds to the quality of life and ensures economic well being of the community.

Being a lifelong resident of the City of La Porte, along with the multiple organizations that Dermody has been involved with has given him tremendous knowledge of how to move the city to greater heights.

It goes without saying that his years as a state legislator has given him experience with such matters that will help to improve economic growth, the legislative process and budgeting.

Dermody will be an excellent mayor serving the residents of the City of La Porte.

— David A. Fagan,

Financial Secretary, International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150


Stabosz will achieve what is for the better good

Our local election is in just a few days. All candidates have been on my heart, and I have been praying earnestly about the election, reading about the candidates and their backgrounds, researching as well as speaking with many people in La Porte. Maybe, the more years we have, the more important it is to know what we want for our present situations as well as future generations.

I have found, in life, it is not always the most popular, but many times the most passionate, that achieve what is for the better good. I honestly do not know of anyone more passionate than Tim Stabosz, in making La Porte the town that we, who have lived here most of our lives, one to be proud of in growth and development, one free of the travesty of drugs, one with arms open and community participation and insight in helping those in need.

I feel that it is important to have someone passionate in all of these...someone who does what he says he will do when he says he will do it.

In my heart, I feel this mayoral candidate is Tim Stabosz. It is my hope that all reading this will reach out to him — and listen with your head as well as your hearts.

And folks, please vote. This is so important.

— Lynn A. Boatwright,

La Porte

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