Bilderback would be an asset to the City Council

I write to endorse Ela Bilderback for Ward 3 City Council.

I have known Ela for five years and know her to be an engaged woman who has worked ceaselessly on behalf of the City of La Porte. She attends City Council meetings, sits on the Historic Preservation Commission, spearheaded the tree-trimming program last year, and more.

She would be an asset to the City Council, bringing honesty, integrity and common sense. As a former citizen of La Porte I wholeheartedly recommend Ela for the City Council.

— Beatrice Owen,

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Four former La Porte police chiefs endorse Dermody

With a combined 107 years of law enforcement service with the La Porte City Police Department and 19 years collectively as its chief of police, we strongly support and endorse Tom Dermody as the next mayor of La Porte.

Tom has always been a strong supporter of law enforcement as witnessed by his service for four years on the La Porte Community School Board, as well as 10 years in the Indiana General Assembly, authoring and supporting the hard work and dedication of all issues regarding not only law enforcement but economic development and education as well.

We always felt comfortable approaching Tom with our concerns and were never disappointed with his response to our needs in both pay and equipment. His leadership and approachability is second to none. La Porte is fortunate that Tom has decided to seek the office of mayor where he can apply his experience, knowledge and love for this city for the benefit of all.

We all still have a vested interest in La Porte and feel very strongly that Tom Dermody is the right person at the right time to continue moving La Porte forward. He has shown time and time again that he is able to make hard decisions for the right reasons. That's why this is a bi-partisan plea for the voters of La Porte to elect Tom Dermody as your next mayor.

— Al Ott,

La Porte City Police Chief, retired

— Gene Samuelson,

La Porte City Police Chief, retired

— Wally Brath

La Porte City Police Chief, retired

— Dave Gariepy,

La Porte City Police Chief, retired

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