Elect a visionary

A proven leader, an individual with outstanding credentials and a dedicated public servant to our community is running for mayor of our city.

Tim Stabosz, a well known and highly respected resident of our town, has chosen to step up to a higher level of service to the citizens of La Porte.

With Tim, we are afforded the opportunity to support one of the most qualified visionaries of our time. Tim Stabosz has spent most of his adult life in La Porte and chose early on to become an active member of this community. He has served two terms on the City Council and has been responsible for a number of the positive improvements we see in our community today.

As an elected official, he serves or served on the Plan Commission, as liaison to the Redevelopment Commission, Budget Committee, the Historic Preservation Commission and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the nationwide Parents Television Council, whose mission is to protect children from graphic sex, violence and profanity in the media.

Tim not only possesses a vision to make La Porte more attractive to families and business, but unlike most, he knows just what it takes to get there. Tim is a straightforward guy; he doesn’t make promises he can’t reasonably fulfill. He shares his ideas, reaches out to all sides of an issue, and strives to accomplish what is good for the community.

We need a visionary leader like Tim Stabosz, a political figure who is refreshingly, a voice for us. Let us not pass up this opportunity to elect a leader that will hard for everyone and make our city all it can be. Tim Stabosz is the man we want as mayor of La Porte.

— Jim Rice,

La Porte


Stabosz will La Porte reach a higher ground 

I'd like to tell you about my first friend in La Porte.

In 2010, Kiel and I, both from Michigan City, decided to open a little restaurant called The Lunch Box. 

Our first customer was Tim Stabosz. He sat outside, ordering food and iced tea. I quickly learned two things: Carrying food outside was not going to be easy and that Tim was particular about his iced tea!

Tim became our favorite "regular" (Support Small Business!) and in the process, friendships were formed. Tim quickly learned that arriving later in the afternoon would give Kiel a better chance to talk, and that soon became the highlight of Kiel's day. I was amazed at the intellectual conversations the two of them shared on topics way over my head. (Perfect time for kitchen clean up!)

Tim was saddened when financial problems caused The Lunch Box's closing, but he remained our friend. Kiel eventually moved on and they lost contact, but I can proudly say that Tim has remained my dear friend.

I have learned a lot about Tim in the ensuing years. He has a tender heart, a brilliant mind, an incredible business sense and a deep love for La Porte. I have heard him speak many times of his deep feelings and reverence for this city and of his vision to make La Porte a better place and I was thrilled when he announced his candidacy.

As he nears the finish line of his campaign for mayor of La Porte, I have full faith in his aspirations and what I know he could accomplish. I feel Tim would guide our city and help it to reach a higher ground — a city we could all be proud to call home.

Please consider Tim Stabosz as your best candidate for mayor. I certainly do.

— Patricia Howard,

La Porte

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