Mrozinski endorses Gramarossa for Commissioner

Connie Gramarossa spends many hours each day in the Commissioners office addressing various problems brought in by La Porte County citizens.

Her opponent has stated publicly she has no intention of being in the Commissioners office, she will only take the paycheck.

Connie also travels the county attending various events, whereas her opponent has not been seen in south county.

When asked their biggest priority for the county, Mrs. Brillson stated "jobs" whereas Mrs. Gramarossa stated "drugs." Fact is, there are many jobs in La Porte County that aren't being filled, we need people not jobs. One of the main reasons for these job openings is people who can't pass the drug test. So drugs really should be a priority.

Mrs. Gramarossa is a local business owner and a farm owner who is well known through out the county as a hard worker. Mrs. Brillson only recently moved back to our area after leaving abruptly 15 years ago before her elected position had ended.

The Commissioners position is too important to be filled by someone who only wants to get a paycheck and not really earn it.

Connie Gramarossa has never been elected to any office and her intention is to make La Porte County a better place to live and work, and help get rid of the drug problem. She needs to be retained in this important office. Vote for Connie Gramarossa on Nov. 6 to keep La Porte County moving forward.

— Richard Mrozinski,

La Porte County Commissioner


Pierzakowski a champion for those in need

Lisa Pierzakowski is the most conscientious Center Township Trustee we have ever seen.

Over the years, as Center Township landlords, we have periodically had to refer some of our tenants to the Trustees office for advice or assistance. Lisa is a champion for those in need, with a philosophy that her agency will always offer a hand up (as opposed to a hand out). We consider that to be an important distinction of philosophy.

She has created some innovative programs like the Crockpot program, where participants receive instruction on how to provide nutritious and easy family meals and their class completion reward is a crockpot. Those in need of jobs can use computers to help with job searches on line. There is an excellent Food Pantry for those in need of food. The Center Township Trustee’s office provides tutorials for those seeking to obtain a GED.

She and her staff will assist a needy client virtually any time of the day or night. Lisa fulfills the job of Center Township Trustee better than any trustee we have ever encountered. We hope you will help her return to her mission by casting your vote for Lisa Pierzakowski on Nov. 6.

— Fran and Tom Milo,

La Porte

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