Please forget how you voted or why you voted. Please forget if you are red, blue, purple or whatever. Is that possible for the few minutes it will take to read this column? I hope so.

Democrats winning the House is a victory, for sure, but it is not any kind of silver bullet. It’s a big deal but solves not one problem. It could, in fact, create more. It is no panacea for what ails us.

I was watching coverage of the election results on no less than four news outlets; my thumb is numb from all the station switching. Dems on several panels, when numbers were confirmed and the House was theirs, were almost visibly salivating at the prospect of the “power” they would now have. With increasing volume and glee, they were talking over each other listing all of the investigations that can be conducted.

If they are smart, they will take a breath, step back and do some soul searching. I think it’s good advice for not only the commentators but for the newly elected representatives.

Is acting out of revenge really what is best for this country? Investigations take a lot of time and money. The Congress is in charge of holding the purse strings for our government; safeguarding how our tax dollars are spent. Yes, these new representatives should execute their constitutional responsibility of being a check on the executive branch, but not at the expense of following through on the promises made in their individual constituencies.

Healthcare, the environment, infrastructure, education, immigration were all reasons that these representatives were elected. Yes, another reason was to “check Trump” but not at the expense of doing something for the betterment of their states.

If they go hog wild over countless investigations, I fear the inevitable result will be debilitating gridlock. And, haven’t we had enough of that?

You and I, in our daily lives, prioritize our time and money expenditures. Is it too much to ask that our government do the same? If these new representatives feel the president’s lying, style and attitudes are abhorrent; or it’s an administration filled with corruption and deceit, why not try leading by example? Why not try behaving in a way that will inspire hope instead of fear, decency instead of venom?

Should there be some investigations? Yes. Should the Mueller investigation be safeguarded? Yes. Should there be a bombardment of investigations? Not if we want anything else to get done. Investigations are important to establish, but countless investigations spewing from obsession could be devastating to our future.

It was a good night for Democrats. My fervent hope is that with an ounce of restraint, it will translate into a good night for our country.

Wendy J. Levenfeld is a published novelist, playwright and columnist. Send comments to Visit Wendy’s website at

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