Hi everyone, yes it’s me, I’m still above ground. I spent the awful winter in hibernation. I survived in front of my trusty fireplace with my Jack Daniels in hand while watching the “Downton Abbey” series for the third time. “Downton Abbey” is the best soap opera since “Gone with the Wind”. It’s a must see for anyone who appreciates high drama, superb acting and unforgettable characters.

Where in the world did spring go? Rain, rain, rain and more rain has reduced my disposition to that of a junkyard dog. Let’s put “Mother Nature” and “Old Man Winter” on a rocket ship to Pluto.

I guess it’s about time to fire up the old Heric Time Machine. The La Porte High School senior prom was held in May and has, as usual, sparked some over-the-top sentimentality in yours truly. I chaperoned a few of the proms while I was still teaching at La Porte High School and I couldn’t help comparing them to the La Porte senior prom I attended with my then girlfriend way back in 1965.

The ’65 prom was like going to Cinderella’s ball. The boys, without exception, wore well-tailored tuxedos and the girls were nothing short of breathtaking in gorgeous gowns and white gloves up to their elbows! The theme was “A Night in Paris” and the music was romantic as couples melted into each other’s arms. The Grand March was awesome as all the couples marched toward the stage as the Queen of the Prom was crowned. I remember that the queen was the lovely Diane Jones.

Post-prom was a blast! My crew and our dates went to see the hilarious “Pink Panther” movie and the next day found us in Chicago at the incomparable River View amusement park; after which we all stumbled home blurry-eyed but with hearts full of precious memories.

My chaperone experience showed me how much things had changed since that blissful night in 1965. The boys wore tennis shoes, clown-like clothes and baseball caps; a far cry from Prince Charming! The outfits worn by the girls certainly lacked glamour. Poor Cinderella would have been laughed out of the gym. And the music was so dreadful that some of it sounded like the shrieks of a thousand cats set on fire.

I suppose that we are all prisoners of our generation but it’s hard for me to see Cinderella banished from contemporary proms. Although, to be fair, there were some couples that still embraced the old traditions by wearing classic tuxes and beautiful gowns complete with boutonnieres and corsages.

Despite some of my misgivings regarding today’s modern prom, it still warms my heart seeing all those young people having the time of their lives.

Oh, by the way, another must see for you, your kids and your grandkids is the 2015 “Cinderella” movie starring Lilly James and Cate Blanchett. It is fantastic! Blanchett, who plays the evil step-mother, makes the Wicked Witch of the West look like Pollyanna.


Blaine Heric can be contacted at kingsif@comcast.net

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