CHESTERTON – To galvanize a local push for Medicare for All in 2019, Northwest Indiana Democratic groups will host a “Barnstorm” on Saturday beginning noon at the United Steel Workers Local 6787, 1100 Max Mochal Highway, Chesterton.

The Barstorm is set to coincide with National Nurses United’s Medicare for All Week of Action from Feb. 9 to Feb. 13.

With progressive advocates pressuring lawmakers on Capitol Hill to push for legislation, the local group Northwest Indiana Medicare for All organizers hopes local activism will bolster support in communities across the country.

“Hundreds of events are planned across the country as fellow activists come together to win Medicare for All,” said Sheila Sweeney, NWI Medicare for All co-founder. “We’ll discuss what’s at stake, our plan to win, and what our neighbors can do to take action and get involved.”

As progressive groups push Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill to bring Medicare for All legislation up for a vote this year — a move that would bring Congress closer to passing a proposal supported by 70 percent of voters — one of the nation's leading advocates for a single-payer system is asking supporters to make their voices heard in the fight to make universal healthcare a reality in the United States.

The NWI Barnstorn will include food, games and other interactive activities. The event is free (no co-pays or deductibles) and wheelchair accessible. Find and register for the event via the group’s Facebook page at "NWI Medicare for All."

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