New intermediate and middle schools celebrated

La Porte Community School Corp. administration, school board members, students and faculty squeeze behind the ribbon to be a part of the symbolic opening of both Kesling Intermediate School and La Porte Middle School.

La PORTE — After more than two years of anticipation, the La Porte Community School Corp. ceremoniously cut the ribbon on the new Kesling Intermediate School/La Porte Middle School on Tuesday night.

The administration hosted an open house to show off the new school to the public.

The new schools were built on the site that used to be Kesling Middle School, which was incorporated into the expanded building.

Both schools opened their doors to students this fall. Students from both the former Boston and Kesling Middle Schools have been integrated into the new facility. Additionally, fifth grade students from each of the eight elementary schools are now being taught at the Kesling Intermediate.

Grades five and six are being taught in Kesling Intermediate School, and seventh and eighth grade in La Porte Middle School.

The open house was a chance for community members to tour the new $40 million facility. Locals were greeted and provided refreshments in the cafeteria, where the ribbon cutting ceremony was held.

Superintendent of Schools, Mark Francesconi told of his experience working with the architecture and engineering team from Schmidt Associates and the construction team from Larson-Danielson Construction.

“You can see the level of commitment from the teams that we worked with — [they] did whatever it took to make it happen. We saw that from the very beginning,” said Francesconi.

Mayor Mark Krentz also shared during the ceremony.

"Education is the bedrock of growth and development for our youth," Krentz said. "The City of La Porte is blessed to have a dedicated team of administrators and faculty who are constantly improving our educational presence with state-of-the-art facilities like the Kesling Intermediate Campus. Together, with our schools, we build a stronger community with opportunities that have no limits our future is bright.”

The La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP) facilitated the ribbon cutting ceremony. Francesconi, along with both of the school’s principals, held LEAP’s oversized scissors and simultaneously snipped the ribbon, marking the symbolic opening of the new facility.

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