La PORTE – Construction of the new La Porte Hospital building continues on schedule and is on track to be completed next year.

The new facility, on which construction started earlier this year, will serve as a replacement for the aging La Porte Hospital on Lincoln Way, and will be equipped with state-of-the-art upgrades throughout.

“We want to stay in the position of driving good health for the residents of La Porte County and surrounding areas,” Ashley Dickinson, CEO, said.

“We are successfully challenging ourselves to meet new standards for advanced quality care. These improvements in quality will continue when we move to our new full-service hospital. The new hospital is a reinvestment in our organization’s future and the health of the region we serve,” she added.

Some improvements were conceptualized as corrections for some of the old building’s biggest "frustrations," Chief Operating Officer Jeff Vice said. The new hospital’s layout will be "much more intuitive" than the current facility.

“As things got added on (to the old building), the corridors and other parts of the building may not have been the way [that] made the most sense to everyone," Vice said. "The new hospital is being designed in an 'L' shape that we expect to be much easier for everyone.”

The upgraded layout places specialties and departments strategically to provide a more cohesive flow for treating patients, he said. Department leaders provided the design team with feedback on room mock-ups to assure their needs can be met in the most efficient manner.

Additionally, patient rooms are expected to be substantially larger.

“The rooms are designed so that the departments are located in a more logical manner," Vice said. "We [expect] that this will make it easier for patients to find the parts of the hospital they are looking for when they visit."

Construction of the new facility will continue through the winter and, “The goal is to have the exterior walls in place and the building enclosed by Dec. 1,” Vice said.

Sealing the building will provide enough protection from the elements to allow construction to continue on the interior. The construction team will be focusing on putting drywall on the inside of the building and other mainly indoor tasks during the colder months, he said.

Equipment is scheduled to be installed next summer. Once the installation is finished, staff orientation and training can begin.

If all goes according to plan, the new facility should be operational by the fourth quarter of 2020.

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