La PORTE — Local artist Solitaire Miles recently had her art featured on the Late Show with Steven Colbert.

Miles’ portrait of Colbert was featured in the show’s “Fan-art Friday” segment on Oct. 25.

Miles is an accomplished illustrator and artist with training from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her works have graced book covers from large publishing companies, including Time Life Books, Random House and Harlequin.

The idea to paint the portrait of Colbert came to her a few months ago, after noticing the show’s fan art section. Miles has been a fan of Colbert for some time and was inspired to create a submission for the show.

“I think he is such a great comedian and interviewer, but his monologues are always very dynamic so it was fun to paint him, inspired by his monologue performances,” said Miles.

Her portrait was selected from thousands of fan-art submissions.

“I was thrilled and surprised that they decided to feature my art. It was such a great honor and I am excited that he or his producers liked the portrait enough to feature it,” she said.

Colbert is not the first celebrity to revere Miles’ art. She created a portrait for President Barack Obama and sent it to the White House shortly after his 2008 inauguration.

“Portraits are a favorite of mine,” she said, “I received a nice card and plaque from the White House, with a letter telling me that my portrait of President Obama had been hanging there with some of the other artists' portraits.”

She is also artistically inclined toward music. Miles is the lead singer of a Chicago-based Western Swing band called Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas. The group has been featured on more than 500 radio stations. Their 2015 EP, “Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas” was nominated for a Grammy Award and listed in the top 10 best-selling lists of several publications.

Her artwork can be viewed on the Solitaire Miles Art & Illustration Facebook page. Music from Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas can be found at

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