Vanair unveils new Start-All lithium-ion jump starters

Submitted photo / VanairVanair unveils the new Start-All series of lightweight, lithium-ion jump starters. Pictured is the 10000A 12V model. 

MICHIGAN CITY — Vanair Manufacturing, through its acquisition of Goodall Mfg., is debuting its new Start-All Jump Pack series.

According to Vanair, a company headquartered in Michigan City, the Start-All series of portable jump starters is built to safely deliver fast starts to a wide variety of vehicles. A high-output premium lithium-ion battery provides maximum performance and longevity, while proprietary Protect-All technology enables the Start-All Jump Pack units to safely transfer instantaneous energy to the battery.

“The Start-All series of jump packs can instantly jump start anything from small engines to large heavy-duty 16-liter commercial grade diesel engines,” said Dean Strathman, vice president of sales at Vanair. “Lithium-ion technology makes these units lighter in weight and longer-lasting compared to lead or AGM batteries. The result is a compact, lightweight and reliable source of power to get you back up and running and on the road quickly.”

Engineered with Vanair’s new Protect-All technology, the Start-All models provide safety features for worry-free jump starting, including reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit overheat protection, and over-discharge protection, Vanair said. Integrated heavy-duty cables with large metal clamps for maximum safety and protection are included on all models.

In addition to providing industry leading jump-starting power, each model in the Start-All Jump Pack series also doubles as a portable power bank. Equipped with DC auxiliary, USB and 12-volt output ports, the Start-All Jump Pack units can recharge personal electronics such as cell phones, laptops and speakers, as well as provide power for tire pumps, lights and more. A 500 lumen LED flashlight with SOS strobe functions comes standard with each model as well.

The Start-All Jump Pack series is comprised of four models: 2500A 12V, 5000A 12V, 10000A 12V and 5000A 24V. The starting power of any jump starter is measured in joules. Each Start-All model boasts the most joules in its class, ensuring maximum start-ability to get your vehicle started.

“Simply pick the right model for the types of vehicles you need to start,” Strathman said.

The smallest 2500A 12V Start-All is a 2500-amp, 12-volt unit that weighs only 4.4 pounds and produces an industry leading 18800 joules of starting power. The 2500A 12V is intended to start a variety of passenger vehicles, smaller trucks, boats and other equipment with up to 5-liter gas or 3-liter diesel engines. The compact, lightweight 2500A 12V not only features four USB ports to charge a variety of devices, but it’s also equipped with a 120-volt AC power outlet and bright 500 lumen LED light.

“Whether it is a long-distance road trip or simply sending your child off to college, the 2500A 12V is great insurance and comfort to have in emergency situations wherever and whenever power is needed,” Strathman said.

The second model in the Start-All series, the 5000A 12V, weighs 9.4 pounds, has 66000 joules and is designed to start Class 4, 5 and 6 vehicles such as utility and delivery trucks, sprinter vans, and smaller tractors equipped with up to 10-liter diesel engines. The next model, the 10000A 12V, weighs 11 pounds, boasts 133200 joules and is designed to start Class 7 and 8 vehicles such as semi tractors, heavy construction and agricultural equipment with up to 16-liter diesel engines. The 5000A 24V model with 116500 joules is the final model available in the Start-All series; this unit weighs 11 pounds and is designed for heavy-duty buses, farm equipment and construction machinery.

“With a Start-All jump starter and power pack, you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery or device again. These products deliver maximum start-ability with more battery capacity and initial starting power to meet any jump-starting need,” adds Strathman.

According to Vanair Manufacturing, the company offers a comprehensive line of vehicle-mounted air compressor, generator, welding, hydraulic, charging/boosting and engine starting equipment as well as customized solutions in the industry. With more than 70 standard commercial models, ranging from 10 CFM to 1500 CFM and available in multiple configurations, Vanair serves many industries including municipal, utility, railroad, mechanic and service, general construction, mining, and the Department of Defense.

For more information on Vanair Manufacturing or Vanair products, visit or call (800) 526-8817.

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