MICHIGAN CITY — With names such as Pumpt and Power, participants in classes at Rogue Xtrme Fitness would expect to get a good workout. But owner/instructor Kim Noe wants the community to know that there’s also plenty of fun to be had while making that happen.

“I first started taking aerobics classes in 1996,” Noe said. “I fell in love with it and wanted to teach it.”

After becoming a certified aerobics instructor in 2003, she’s owned and instructed fitness classes for the past 16 years. Noe opened Rogue Xtrme Fitness at 2010 E. U.S. 20 in Evergreen Plaza in November 2018.

Pumpt and Power are hour-long classes that combine strength training and cardiovascular exercise for a core-based, body-resistance intense workout.

“Almost everything we do involves the core – we are very core-based,” Noe said.

Form & Function is a one-time, two-hour class with two instructors focusing solely on two participants.

“It’s one-on-one training that teaches proper form and technique and how it functions in the realm of a song,” Noe explained.

PDQ is a shorter 30-minute low impact class, and an hour-long Yoga class rounds out Rogue’s offerings.

Michigan City resident Andi Haas has been taking aerobics classes since 1986, including those with Noe since the late 1990s. She currently takes the Pumpt and Power classes at Rogue Xtrme Fitness.

“Kim makes it a pleasure. We have a lot of fun. It doesn’t seem like we are working out. We’re sweat sisters – the bond is stronger than blood brothers,” Hass said with a laugh.

“She’s a very good instructor – she makes it fun,” agreed Marian Simpson of Michigan City, who’s been taking classes with Noe since she began, and had just finished a session of the Pumpt class with Haas.

In addition to “focusing on having fun,” Noe said instructors at Rogue are “very conscious of safety. We teach as a mirror image so that participants have the proper form and function to get the most out of their workout. We are constantly giving them safety tips. We cue – we tell them the move that is coming up before we come to it.”

At Rogue Xtrme Fitness, instructor Deborah Winter choreographs the music to the workouts for “a workout you can’t get anywhere else,” said Rogue instructor Lora Brooks.

“The music becomes a part of the workout rather than being in the background. The moves make sense to what the music is saying to us,” Noe explained. “This is our take on dance aerobics.”

Winter agreed, saying, “It has to make sense and not be forced. There are musical cues that match the music.”

She emphasized the importance of a mental as well as a physical workout: “Working out your mind is just as important as working out your body. I want you to feel that heel to toe you have, has been worked out – that everything you’ve brought with you to the class has been worked.” 

Rogue has a special summer pass available until June 8 with 10 classes for $50. This is good for 60 days with no contract and no commitment.  Participants can opt for regular membership by paying a one-time membership fee and then a monthly fee which allows unlimited Pumpt and Power classes. Yoga classes are an extra cost, and other options are available. 

“This is truly a workout for everyone,” noted Noe, who said class participants at Rogue range in age from 22 to 80. The average class size varies from 8-20.

Classes are available at varying times Monday through Saturday and the schedule can be found on the “Rogue Xtrme Fitness” Facebook page or by picking a schedule up at Rogue’s location.

Although the majority of class takers are from Michigan City, Rogue Xtrme Fitness also draws from surrounding cities such as New Buffalo, South Bend, La Porte and Westville as well.

Val Eilers, who lives in Rolling Prairie, has taken classes with Noe’s program for the past 18 years. Eilers currently attends Pumpt and Yoga classes.

“It’s worth the drive. I hate machines. It’s fun. You don’t have to push yourself to come. It’s kept me fit and active. It’s definitely social. Making friends is great,” she said.

“You interact with people here and make friends,” agreed Brooks.

Noe said she is pleased with her business’s location in Evergreen Plaza in the central part of town.

“We like the openness of the windows too, so people can see what’s going on in here,” she added about Rogue’s space.

Noe has been an active member of her community leading warm-up exercises for the Relay For Life of La Porte County cancer walk; providing fitness demonstrations at Lake Hills Elementary School, Barker Middle School, and the former Elston Middle School, working with the MCHS summer gym program, participating in local parades, and more.

Noe works a full-time job in addition to owning and instructing at Rogue Xtrme Fitness.

How does she feel about the role of Rogue Xtrme Fitness in her life?

“This is my love and passion,” she said.

For more information about Rogue Xtrme Fitness, call (219) 575-1496, or go to “Rogue Xtrme Fitness” on Facebook. Noe may be contacted by email at roguextrmefitness@gmail.com or by messaging the business’ Facebook page. 

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