Lake levels, erosion the topic of Green Drinks meeting

Submitted photo“Lake Michigan: High Levels and Beach Erosion” will be the topic of Thursday's Northwest Indiana Green Drinks meeting.

MICHIGAN CITY — “Lake Michigan: High Levels and Beach Erosion” will be the topic of Thursday's Northwest Indiana Green Drinks meeting  at 6:30 p.m. at Shoreline Brewery. 208 Wabash St., Michigan City.

Recall the last decade houses fell into Lake Michigan? How far are we into the current lake level rise? What factors intensify beach erosion?

Discover with Professor Erin Argyilan, of Indiana University Northwest, as she discusses Lake Michigan shoreline change in our region. The Northwest Indiana landscape has been shaped by changing outlets, glacioisostasy, lake level changes and human modifications that impact sediment movement. This conversation will examine these different processes to help us better understand and discuss our ever-changing shoreline.

As you grab a brew and some delicious eats, Argyilan, a geologist, will explain how glaciers and currents are all relevant to our Lake Michigan story. You’ll have the opportunity to see photos of beach erosion and view lake movement illustrations. Argyilan is Green Drinks' prior popular presenter who enlightened us on what really happened at Mt. Baldly and is credited with creating the term “dune decomposition chimneys” which are unique to our Indiana Dunes.

Green Drinks meets the thirrd Thursday of every month (except July and December) at Shoreline Brewery, 208 Wabash St., Michigan City. These events are sponsored by Save the Dunes and supported by 219 GreenConnect. Suggested donation is $5, $2 for students.

For further information, call (219) 210-7513. 

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