La Porte County Sheriff’s Department announces COVID-19 response

In response to COVID-19, the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department has announced several precautionary measures.

La PORTE — Current unprecedented times call for changes and adjustments to help ensure the well-being of the county and our deputies. Therefore, the following precautionary measures are being taken by the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department (LCSO).

Citizens are asked to only come to the front desk for necessary business and jail related matters. If you are unsure of the importance of your situation, please call the sheriff’s department at (219) 326-7700, ext. 2324.

Calls for service

Deputies will respond to ALL emergency and in-progress calls for service as in the past. Non-emergency calls that do not require the physical presence of a deputy may be handled over the telephone.

Additionally, deputies who do respond to a specific location may be wearing latex gloves. Deputies have been instructed to maintain a safe interview distance of at least 6 feet, and if possible, communicate in open-air locations.

Title (VIN) Checks – The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has provided extensions for matters related to licensing. Therefore, there is no immediate need for VIN checks to be completed at this time by deputies. Thus, until further notice, deputies will not be completing VIN checks and the service will be suspended.

Copies of reports

Crash and Incident Reports – Please call the records department at (219) 326-7700. The request (s) can either be emailed, sent via facsimile or sent via USPS.

Handgun permits

The application process begins online at A copy of your fingerprint receipt, a copy of your driver’s license, and money for the actual permit is needed. Citizens may call or look up the price online.

Inmate visitation and deposits

Deposits may be made via kiosk in the lobby of the LCSO. Remote inmate visitation via video will continue without interruption.

Arrestees and courts

La Porte County Courts will be utilizing either video arraignment or ZOOM. However, there may be court proceedings that arise from time to time which requires the presence of the defendant in a courtroom. Those adjustments will be made accordingly.

Non-contact meetings between attorneys/defendants within the La Porte County Jail will continue without interruption. The LCSO remains committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the public, our staff, and individuals under our care and custody.

The number one priority of the LCSO is the safety, security, and health of every citizen in La Porte County. Please take care of yourself, your family and your loved ones.

– From staff reports

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