4-H Cat Poster

Grand Champion – Morgan Wozniak

Reserve Grand Champion – Amanda Werner

Level 1 Champion – David Symons

Level 2 Champion – Miranda Wozniak

Level 2 Reserve Champion – Kylee Saylor

Level 3 Champion – Morgan Wozniak

Level 3 Reserve Champion – Amanda Werner 


Delani Dipert, Kylee Saylor, Miranda Wozniak, Jolie Klimczak, Kaelyn Montemayor, Morgan Wozniak, Amanda Werner, Lily Carmel


David Symons, Erica Skibinski, Isabella Nelson, Alexis Hersom


4-H Draft Horse Education

Grand Champion – Makayla Scarborough

Reserve Grand Champion – Breawnna Hart

Intermediate Champion – Breawnna Hart

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Erica Skibinski

Advanced Champion – Makayla Scarborough

Advanced Reserve Champion – Alexis Hersom


Makenzie Scarborough, Makayla Scarborough, Breawnna Hart, Erica Skibinski, Alexis Hersom


4-H Cake Decorating Results

Grand Champion – Madelyn Smoker

Reserve Grand Champion – Abby Casto

Beginner Champion – Allysia Olmos

Beginner Reserve Champion – Kadence Love

Intermediate Champion – Helaina Kuntz

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Autumn Bradford

Advanced Champion – Madelyn Smoker

Advanced Reserve Champion – Abby Casto


Paige Jablonski, Kadence Love, Mariella Martz, Allysia Olmos, Autumn Bradford, Helaina Kuntz, Madelyn Smoker, Abby Casto


Jasmine Grzesiowski, Savannah Kreighbaum, Cai Lile, Hannah Cripe, Kierstin Vargas, Carly Mohlke


Abigail Cripe, Anastasia Joseph-Greenwade, Courtney Grzesiowski, Abigail Marron, Brianna Martin, Alexis Burns


4-H Sport Fishing Results

Grand Champion – Blake Kessler

Reserve Grand Champion – Brady Kessler

Level 1 Champion – Nevin Biegel

Level 2 Champion – Brady Kessler

Level 3 Champion – Blake Kessler


Nevin Biegel, Brady Kessler, Blake Kessler


4-H Recycling Results 

Grand Champion – Natalie Tuholski

Reserve Grand Champion – Jaden Conrad

Beginner Champion – Issac Plencner

Beginner Reserve Champion – Ashlyn Mannia

Intermediate Champion – Brayden Mannia

Intermedia Reserve Champion – Kylie Finn

Advanced Champion – Natalie Tuholski

Advanced Reserve Champion – Jaden Conrad


Brooke Bos, Adelyn Heidel, Hayden Lambert, Xander Lindsey Ashlyn Mannia, Isaac Plencner, Zolie Richardson, Taylor Halter, Tristan Gothard, Kylie Finn, Christina Hurtado, Isabella Hurtado, Rae Ann Lindsey, Brayden Mannia, Adam Simpkins, Kassidy Biggins, Samantha Cernel, Jaden Conrad, Kirsten Lambert, Lucas Plencner, Mason Tylor, Natalie Tuholski, Remi Cernel, Michelle Kazmierzak 


Gavin Simpkins, Breyon Wilson, Austin Shippee, Shelby Singleton


4-H Entomology Results

Level 1 Champion – Elise Zelasko

Level 2 Champion – Kylee Saylor

Level 3 Champion – Kolton Saylor

Level 3 Reserve Champion – Kamrielle Saylor 


Kolton Saylor, Kamrielle Saylor, Elise Zelasko, Kylee Saylor


4-H Small Engines

Grand Champion – Wyatt Hay

Reserve Grand Champion – Carter Schmidt

Level 1Champion – Cooper Hansen

Level 2 Champion – Carter Schmidt

Level 3 Champion – Wyatt Hay


Wyatt Hay, Carter Schmidt, Cooper Hansen,


Samuel Langford, Jacob Pittman,


4-H Creative Writing Results

Grand Champion – Hannah Misch

Reserve Grand Champion – Elijah Bules

Beginner Champion – David Symons

Intermediate Champion – Kyah Sturm

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Emma Knowlton

Advanced Champion – Hannah Misch

Advanced Reserve Champion – Elijah Bules


David Symons, Kaitlyn Day, Emma Knowlton, Kyah Sturm, Elijah Buels, Hannah Misch


Abigail Martin, Margaret Hobbs, Jennifer Kievert, Ellen Mofield, Robert Smith


Sadie Blair, Zoe Pressel, Rebecca Eyrick, Bohdan Walker, Christoph Walker, Danny Walker


4-H Basic Crafts

Grand Champion – Hannah Nelson

Reserve Grand Champion – Alyson Medar

Beginner Champion – Khloe Kessler

Intermediate Champion – Alyson Medar

Intermediate Reserve Champion – James Symons

Advanced Champion – Hannah Nelson

Advanced Reserve Champion – Lillian Hamilton


Khloe Kessler, Alyson Meder, James Symons, Lillian Hamilton, Lillian Hamilton, Hannah Nelson, Cole Antrim 


Allison Dillman, Tristan Gothard, Emily Hannon, Dylan Coburn, Ashley Hannon


4-H Ceramics Results

Grand Champion – Abigail Marron

Reserve Grand Champion – Valery Westphal

Beginner Champion – Jayden Niegos

Beginner Reserve Champion – Khloe Kessler

Intermediate Champion – Valery Westphal

Advanced Champion – Abigail Marron

Advanced Reserve Champion – Jaden Conrad


Ella Bannwart, Naomi Frazier, Khloe Kessler, Jayden Niegos, Valery Westphal, Jaden Conrad, Abigail Marron


Lillian Frazier, Juleah Lumpp, Elivia Westphal, Austyn Kraus, Allie Kraus


Kayla Kuzdas

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