Beef Heifer Purebred/Commercial 

Supreme Heifer – Chase Rosenbaum

Reserve Supreme Heifer – Katelyn Rudolph

Champion Angus – MJ Goodwin

Reserve Champion Angus – Jacob Parkman

Champion Shorthorn – Hayden Smolek

Champion Hereford – Brady Kessler

Reserve Champion Hereford – Jaiden Stevens

Champion Simmental – Jaye Mitzner

Reserve Champion Simmental – Kassidy Biggins

Champion Charolais Composite – Aubrey Hardesty

Champion Red Angus – Austin Hesters

Reserve Champion Red Angus – Brock Kessler

Champion Simmental Solution – Chase Rosenbaum

Reserve Champion Simmental Solution – Kassidy Biggins

Champion Chianina – Emily Deutscher

Champion Maintainer – Katelyn Rudolph

Reserve Champion Maintainer – Emily Deutscher

Champion Commercial – Aubrey Hardesty

Reserve Champion Commercial – Gabrielle Hull 

County Bred Heifer Champion – Austin Hesters

County Bred Heifer Reserve Champion – MJ Goodwin

Hereford (class 1)

1st Jaidan Stevens

Hereford (class 2)

1st Chase Rosenbaum, 2nd Reece Eggert

Hereford (class 3)

1st Trevor Eggert, 2nd Quinlan Eggert

Hereford (class 4)

1st Brady Kessler

Maintainer (class 1)

1st Emily Deutscher, 2nd Blake Kessler

Maintainer (class 2)

1st Katelyn Rudolph

Red Angus (class 1)

1st Austin Hesters, 2nd Brock Kessler

Simmental (class 1)

1st Jaye Mitzner, 2nd Kassidy Biggins

Simmental Solution (class 1)

1st Kassidy Biggins

Simmental Solution (class 1)

1st Kassidy Biggins

Simmental Solution (class 2)

1st Chase Rosenbaum

Simmental Solution (class 3)

1st Austin Hesters

Shorthorn (class 1)

1st Hayden Smolek

Angus (class 1)

1st Jacob Parkman, 2nd Daniel White

Angus (class 2)

1st MJ Goodwin

Angus (class 3)

1st Jacob Parkman

Chiania (class 1)

Emily Deutscher

Charlois Composite (Class 1)

1st Aubrey Hardesty

Commercial (class 1)

1st Liliana Pierro, 2nd Natalie Tuholski, 3rd Sage Kluge, 4th Riley Pointon, 5th Phillip Edgerton

Commercial (class 2)

1st Aubrey Hardesty, 2nd Gabrielle Hull, 3rd Haydyn Smolek, 4th Drake Kluge


4-H Dairy Steer

Grand Champion Dairy Steer – Alaina Jeffers

Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Steer – Katelyn Rudolph 

Dairy Steer – Daily Rate of Gain

Champion – Alaina Jeffers

Reserve Champion – Katelyn Rudolph

Dairy Steer Showmanship

Champion Beginner – Katherine Minich

Reserve Champion Beginner – Katelyn Duttlinger

3rd Caydenn Loetz

Champion Intermediate – Brooke Bos

Reserve Champion Intermediate – Matthew Duttlinger

3rd – Anna Minich

Champion Senior – Nick Ryan

Reserve Champion Senior – Kirsten Lambert

3rd – Ben Johnson, 4th Taylor Kleine, 5th Raegan Daniel, 6th Nathan Baima, 7th Drew Swanson 

Dairy Steer (767-913)

1st Jeffery Briggs, 2nd Lane Hohalek, 3rd Landon Mahl, 4th Landon Mahl

Dairy Steer (955-1135)

1st Raegan Daniel, 2nd Caydenn Loetz, 3rd Brooke Bos, 4th Drew Swanson, 5th Katelyn Duttlinger, 6th Carly Mohlke, 7th Matthew Duttlinger

Dairy Steer (1169-1238)

1st Katelyn Rudolph, 2nd Brooke Bos, 3rd Jackson Bos, 4th Brooke Bos, 5th Jackson Bos, 6th Brayten Grott 

Dairy Steer (1263-1306)

1st Katelyn Rudolph, 2nd Brayden Mannia, 3rd Tyler Siegmund, 4th Anna Minich, 5th Ben Johnson

Dairy Steer (1315-1337)

1st Katelyn Rudolph, 2nd Austin Hesters, 3rd Nathan Baima, 4th Matthew Duttlinger, 5th Katherine Minich, 6thDrew Swanson, 7th Ben Johnson

Dairy Steer (1362-1392)

1st Katelyn Rudolph, 2nd Katelyn Duttlinger, 3rd Hayden Lambert, 4th Nicholas Ryan, 5th Michael Ekovich

Dairy Steer (1395-1478)

1st Katelyn Rudolph, 2nd Jackson Bos, 3rd Taylor Kleine, 4th Kirtsten Lambert, 5th Brysen Werner, 6th Kirsten Lambert

Dairy Steer (1522-1739)

1st Alaina Jeffers, 2nd Katelyn Rudolph, 3rd Hayden Lowe, 4th Nicholas Ryan, 5th Haydyn Smolek


4-H Beef – County Bred

Grand Champion – Chase Rosenbaum

Reserve Grand Champion – Trent Smoker

Champion Angus – Jordan Hull

Reserve Champion Angus – Jacob Parkman

Champion Chianina – Chase Rosenbaum

Reserve Champion Chianina – Shalynn Rogers

Champion Charolais – Trenton Smoker

Reserve Champion Charolais – Madison Scarborough

Champion Hereford – Quinlan Eggert

Champion Maine – Allee Garner

Reserve Champion Maine – Brock Kessler

Champion Shorthorn – Riley Pointon

Champion Simmental – Trent Smoker

Reserve Champion Simmental – James Mitzner

Champion Cross – Chase Rosenbaum

Reserve Champion Cross – Quinlan Eggert

Champion Market Heifer – Jacob Parkman

Angus 1130-1260

1st Kassidy Biggins, 2nd Daniel White, 3rd Cai Lile

Angus 1288-1396

1st Jordan Hull, 2nd Jacob Parkman, 3rd Brady Kessler, 4th Trevor Eggert

Charolais 1196-1345

1st Trenton Smoker, 2nd Madison Scarborough, 3rd Blake Kessler 

Chianina 1230-1343

1st Chase Rosenbaum, 2nd Shalynn Rogers, 3rd Nicole Hesters

Crossbred 963-1103

1st Jadyn Wallace-Rose, 2nd Braylie Bannwart, 3rd Liliana Pierro, 4th Cai Lile

Crossbred 1134-1181

1st Quinlan Eggert, 2nd Phillip Edgerton, 3rd Drake Kluge, 4th William Minich

Crossbred 1335-1625

1st Chase Rosenbaum, 2nd Layke Bannwart, 3rd Brianna Keller, 4th Lyla Bannwart

Hereford 1271-1272

1st Quinlan Eggert

Maine-Anjou 998-1069

1st Kamrielle Saylor, 2nd Drake Kluge

Maine-Anjou 1230-1310

1st Alle Garner, 2nd Brock Kessler

Market Heifer 1132-1133

1st Jacob Parkman

Shorthorn 1186-1187

1st Riley Pointon


Simmental 1132-1205

1st James Mitzner, 2nd Natalie Tuholski, 3rd Austin Hesters, 4th Riley Pointon, 5th Olivia Pierro

Simmental 1226-1580

1st Trenton Smoker, 2nd Raegan Daniel, 3rd Reece Eggert, 4th Trevor Eggert

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