4-H Goat Show Results

Champion Junior Goat – Ava Mrozinski

Reserve Champion Junior Goat – Jaden Conrad

Champion Senior Goat – Wesley Minich

Reserve Champion Senior Goat – Wesley Minich

Champion Dam & Daughter – Jaden Conrad

Reserve Champion Dam & Daughter – Ella Minich

Champion Dairy Wether – Jaden Conrad

Reserve Champion Dairy Wether – Zachary Thomas

Champion Specialty Wether – Mia Mark

Reserve Champion Specialty Wether – Hannah Nelson

Champion Boer – Deia Mark

Reserve Champion Boer – Emma Mark

Champion Junior Pygmy Goat – Gabrielle Johnson

Reserve Champion Junior Pygmy Goat - Kaitlyn Kazmierzk

Champion Senior Pygmy Goat – Kaylee Smythe

Reserve Champion Senior Pygmy Goat – Whitney Compton

Grand Champion Pygmy Goat – Kaylee Smythe

Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Goat – Whitney Compton

Champion Pygmy Wether – Jordyn Ryan

Reserve Champion Pygmy Wether – Gabrielle Johnson

Champion Boer Dam & Daughter – Deia Mark

Reserve Champion Boer Dam & Daughter – Emma Mark

Champion Rate of Gain Specialty Wether – Kaden Eiler

Junior Showmanship

Champion – Emma Talbert, 2nd – Addison Byers, 3rd – Kai Keehn, 4th – Ava Mrozinski, 5th – Hayden Lambert

Intermediate Showmanship

Champion – Keely Qualkenbush, 2nd – Audrey Byers, 3rd – Katie Fagg, 4th – Wesley Minich, 5th – Deia Mark

Senior Pygmy Showmanship

Champion – Kaitlyn Kazmierzak, 2nd – Jaden Horvath, 3rd – Kirsten Lambert, 4th – Gabrielle Johnson

Senior Other Breed Champion

Champion – Hannah Nelson, 2nd – Roman Ford, 3rd – Isabella Nelson, 4th – Cole Antrim, 5th - Madison McGuire

Dairy Jr. Doe

1st - Ava Mrozinski, 2nd – Jaden Conrad, 3rd – Clae Antrim, 4th – Ella Minich, 5th – Piper Cushway, 6th – Harlow Cushway

Dairy Sr. Doe class 1

1st – Jaden Conrad, 2nd – Lillian Keehn, 3rd – Piper Cushway, 4th – Dakota Keehn, 5th – Ella Minich, 6th – Austin Hesters, 7th – Maggie Hundt, 8th – Zachary Thomas, 9th – Sophie Keehn, 10th – Isabella Nelson

Dairy Sr. Doe class 2

1st – Ava Mrozinski, 2nd – Roman Ford, 3rd – Cole Antrim, 4th – Wyatt Rutt, 5th – Isaac Ford, 6th – Emmett Siegmund, 7th – Tyler Ensign, 8th – Hannah Nelson, 9th – Audrey Byers, 10th – Addison Byers, 11th – Clae Antrim, 12th – Sarah Mosley

Dairy Dry Yearling Doe Class 1

1st – Ella Minich, 2nd – Kai Keehn, 3rd – Roman Ford, 4th – Maggie Emmons, 5th – Tyler Ensign, 6th – Logan Dwornik, 7th – Addison Byers, 8th – Luke Siegmund

Dairy Dry Yearling Doe Class 2

1st – Sophie Keehn, 2nd – Vance Wisenbaugh, 3rd – Audrey Byers, 4th – Clae Antrim, 5th – Cole Antrim, 6th – Alexis Burns, 7th – Nolan Wisenbaugh, 8th – Wyatt Rutt, 9th – Kaleb Jenkens, 10th – Issac Nelson

Dairy Milking Yearling Doe

1st – Wesley Minich, 2nd – Jaden Conrad, 3rd – Austin Hesters, 4th – Harlow Cushway

Dairy Doe 2 to under 3 years old

1st – Wesley Minich, 2nd – Jaden Conrad, 3rd – Ella Minich, 4th – Cole Antrim. 5th – Zoe Pressel, 6th – Alexis Burns

Dairy Doe 3 to under 4 years old

1st – Roman Ford, 2nd – Isaac Ford, 3rd – Clae Antrim, 4th – Samuel Mosley, 5th – Zoe Pressel

Dairy Doe 4 to under 5 years old

1st – Wesley Minich, 2nd – Jaden Conrad, 3rd – Mia Burns

Dairy Doe 5 years and over

1st – Ava Mrozinski, 2nd – Clae Antrim, 3rd – Austin Hesters, 4th – Logan Dwornik, 5th – Ava Fasshauer

Boer Doe 0 to under 3 months

1st – Emma Mark, 2nd – Madelynn Mark

Boer Doe 3 to under 6 months

1st – Deia Mark, 2nd – Madison McGuire, 3rd – Mackenzie Mark, 4th – Isabella Nelson, 5th – Keely Qualkenbush, 6th – Katie Fagg, 7th – Dylan Wisenbaugh, 8th – Shane Edgell, 9th – Kaden Eiler

Boer Doe 6 to under 9 months

1st - Emma Mark, 2nd – Mia Mark, 3rd – Issac Nelson

Boer Doe 9 to under 12 months

1st – Deia Mark, 2nd – Hannah Nelson, 3rd – James Lewis, 4th – Shane Edgell, 5th – Allyson Henrich

Boer Doe 1 to under 2 years

1st – Brandon Stanish, 2nd – Deia Mark, 3rd – Mackenzie Mark, 4th – Mia Mark, 5th – Shane Edgell, 6th – Caleb Kazmierzak, 7th - Madelynn Mark, 8th – Katie Fagg

Boer Doe 2 to under 3 years

1st – James Lewis, 2nd – Mackenzie Mark, 3rd – Katie Fagg, 4th – Keely Qualkenbush, 5th – Madison McGuire, 6th – Dylan Wisenbaugh

Boer Doe 3 to under 4 years

1st – Katelyn Rudolph, 2nd – Chase Grott, 3rd – Shane Edgell, 4th – Brayten Grott, 5th – James Lewis

Pygmy Doe 3 to under 6 months

1st – Gabrielle Johnson, 2nd – Kaitlyn Kazmierzak, 3rd – Alana Witkowski, 4th – Valerie Mrozinski, 5th – Jayden Niegos, 6th – Kaleb Kazmierzak, 7th – Brayden Wilson, 8th – Chloe Deckard, 9th – Ryan Deckard

Pygmy Doe 6 to under 9 months

1st – Tristan Worthington

Pygmy 9 to under 12 months

1st – Isaac Plencner

Pygmy Doe 1 to under 2 years

1st – Whitney Compton, 2nd – Kaitlyn Kazmierzak, 3rd – James Lewis, 4th – Kaylee Haferkamp, 5th – Hayden Lambert, 6th – Caleb Kazmierzak, 7th – Adelyn Heidel, 8th – lance Lewis, 9th – Jackson Hauge, 10th – Owen Cole, 11th – Jacob Plencner

Pygmy Doe 2 to under 3 years

1st – Whitney Compton, 2nd – Caleb Kazmierzak, 3rd – Shane Edgell

Pygmy Doe 3 to under 4 years

1st – Kaylee Smythe, 2nd – Kirsten Lambert, 3rd – Owen Cole, 4th – Caleb Kazmierzak

Pygmy Doe 4 to under 5 years

1st – Whitney Compton, 2nd – Elaine Zelaski, 3rd – Lucas Plencner

Pygmy Doe 5 years and over

1st – Jaden Horvath, 2nd – Emma Talbert, 3rd – James Lewis, 4th – Kaylee Haferkamp, 5th – Jackson Hague, 6th – Regan Hague, 7th – Adelyn Heidel, 8th – Elaine Zelasko, 9th – Jordyn Ryan, 10th – Dontrail Williams

Dairy Wether Light Weight

1st – Jaden Conrad, 2nd – Isabella Nelson, 3rd – Jaden Conrad, 4th – Addison Byers, 5th – Kayla Knotts, 6th – Dakota Keehn, 7th – Cole Antrim, 8th – Audrey Byers, 9th – Logan Dwornik, 10th – Kaleb Jenkens, 11th – Issac Nelson

Dairy Wether Medium Weight

1st – Wesley Minich, 2nd – Kai Keehn, 3rd – Austin Hesters, 4th – Zachary Thomas, 5th – Zoe Pressel

Dairy Wether Heavy Weight

1st – Zachary Thomas, 2nd – Ella Minich 3rd – Austin Hesters, 4th – Isaac Ford, 5th – Roman Ford, 6th – Hannah Nelson

Boer Wether Light Weight

1st – Mackenzie Mark, 2nd – James Lewis, 3rd – James Lewis, 4th - Lance Lewis, 5th – Zoe Pressel, 6th – Sophie Keehn

Boer Wether Medium Weight

1st – Mia Burns, 2nd – Emma Mark, 3rd – Mia Mark, 4th – Madelynn Mark, 5th – Madelynn Mark, 6th – Emma Mark, 7th – Katelyn Rudolph, 8th – Isaac Nelson, 9th – Allyson Henrich, 10th – Maggie Emmons, 11th – Regan Hague, 12th – Jackson Hague, 13th – Keely Qualkenbush, 14th – Katie Fagg

Boer Wether Heavy Weight

1st – Hannah Nelson, 2nd – Deia Mark, 3rd – Mia Mark, 4th – Isabella Nelson, 5th – Katelyn Rudolph, 6th – Mackenzie Mark, 7th – Kaden Eiler, 8th – Brandon Stanish, 9th – Shane Edgell, 10th – Dylan Wisenbaugh, 11th – Madison McGuire

Pygmy Wether Light Weight

1st – Gabrielle Johnson, 2nd – Tristan Worthington, 3rd – Valerie Mrozinski, 4th – Ryan Deckard

Pygmy Wether Heavy Weight

1st – Jordyn Ryan, 2nd – Shane Edgell, 3rd – Jayden Niegos, 4th – Chloe Deckard, 5th – Jayden Niegos, 6th – Tristan Worthington



Grand Champion – Owen Ott

Reserve Grand Champion – Simon Kubaszyk

Division 2 Champion – Austin Cipares

Division 4 Champion – Elaine Zelasko

Advanced Electric Champion – Simon Kubaszyk

Advanced Electronics Champion – Owen Ott

Advanced Electronics Reserve Champion – Remi Cernel


Austin Cipares, Elaine Zelasko, Owen Ott, Remi Cernal, Simon Kubaszyk


William Minich, Logan Kuzdas,


Danny Walker


4-H Container Garden

Grand Champion Overall – Grace Foglesong

Reserve Grand Champion Overall – Katherine Sheerin

Champion Grade 3 – Connor Sheerin

Reserve Champion – Valerie Mrozinski

Champion Grade 5 – Tristan Worthington

Reserve Champion – Bruno Doran

Champion Grade 6 – Katherine Sheerin

Reserve Champion – Austin Shipee

Champion Grade 7 – Grace Foglesong

Champion Grade 8-12 – Jacob Parkman

Reserve Champion – Mackenzie LaGard

A Honors – Hailey Albertson, Connor Sheerin, Valerie Mrozinski, Bruno Doran, Tristan Worthington, Katherine Sheerin, Austin Shippee, Grace Foglesong, Mackenzie LaGard, Mallorie LaGard, Jacob Parkman, Justus Loomis.

A’s – Jeremy Hagenow & Gideon Burgo.


Poultry Science Poster

Level 2 Champion – Kimberly Crawford


Kimberly Crawford

Poultry Display Board

Grand Champion – Brady Kessler

Reserve Grand Champion – Alaina Jeffers

Level 1 Champion – Jacob Wireman

Level 2 Reserve Champion – Brady Kessler

Level 2 Reserve Champion – Alaina Jeffers


Jacob Wireman, Brady Kessler, Alaina Jeffers, Shelby Singleton


Violet Singleton, Corbin Singleton, Brooke Perriera, Audrey Jeffers


2019 Ten Year 4-H Members

Ten Year 4-H Members who were recognized at the Ten Year Members Breakfast on Saturday, July 6th are as follows:

Taylor Brown, Cass Champions; Katelyn Rudolph, Cass Champions; Noah Biegel, Cass Merrymakers; Kimberly Good, Cass Merrymakers; James Mitzner, Cass Merrymakers; Jack Sinclair, Cass Merrymakers; Bradey Goodwin, Clinton Climbers; Todd Meloy, Clinton Climbers; Zachary Thomas, Clinton Climbers; Emily Gushrowski, Coolspring Champions; Meghan Miller, Coolspring Champions; Alexis Novak, Coolspring Champions; Gabe Nowatzke, Coolspring Champions; Lily Carmel, Creative Clover Kids; Evan Battleday, Easy Riders; Wesley Battleday, Easy Riders; Megan Boyd, Easy Riders; Emma Hobby, Easy Riders; Nicholas Koontz, Easy Riders; Jillian Ross, Easy Riders; Angela Shebel, Easy Riders; Webster Thomas, Easy Riders; Aubrey Gierke, Galena Champions; Morgan Phillips, Galena Champions; Brandon Stanish, Galena Champions; Bryceston Hoover, Hanna-Noble; Brant Poppelwell, Hanna-Noble; Samantha Leiter, Hudson Hustlin’ Helpers; Bailey Lenig, Hudson Hustlin’ Helpers; James Lewis, Hudson Hustlin’ Helpers; Courtney Grzesiowski, Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers; Jaden Horvath, Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers; Ben Johnson, Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers; Drake Kluge, Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers; Nicholas Ryan, Kanakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers; Jennifer Kievert, Laporte City Helping Hands; Samantha Cernel, LaPorte City Firestars; Megan Reed, LaPorte City Firestars; Christoph Walker, LaProte City Firestars; Danny Walker, LaPorte City Firestars; Madeline Fleshman, Shooting Sports; Elisabeth Novak, Shooting Sports; Jacob Spence, Lincoln Hotshots; Jacob Parkman, New Durham 95ers; Brayden Qualkenbush, New Durham 95ers; Tyler Siegmund, New Durham 95ers; Jaden Conrad, Pleasant Clovers; Kirsten Lambert, Pleasant Clovers; Mason Taylor, Pleasant Clovers; Clae Antrim, Pleasant Pals; Kamrielle Saylor, Pleasant Pals; David Applegarth, Scipio Sensations; Kara Cooper, Scipio Sensations; Rebecca Eyrich, Scipio Sensations; Wade Garrett, Scipio Sensations; Bryce Berry, Scipio Sensations; Hannah Nelson, Springfield Country Cousins; Lane Thomas, Springfield Country Cousins; Brandon Corbett, Springfield Country Cousins; Jacob Corbett, Springfield Country Cousins; Emigh Steinhagen, Springfield Country Cousins; Hallee Combs, Wagonmasters; Kyle Hurley, Wagonmasters; Michelle Kazmierzak, Wagonmasters; Jacob Mitchell, Wagonmasters; Natalie Tuholski, Wills Willing Workers.


4-H Flower Arrangements

Grand Champion Overall – Adelyn Heidel

Reserve Grand Champion – Adelyn Heidel

Category 1 ( Miniature arrangement with live flowers)

Champion – Adelyn Heidel

Reserve Champion - Chloe Fasshauer

Category 2 (Wild or dried flowers in an antique container)

Champion – Adelyn Heidel

Reserve Champion – Kylee Saylor


4-H Foods

Grand Champion Overall – Nathan Baima

Reserve Grand Champion Overall – Michael Morrison

Level A 3rd Grade Champion – Austyn Jablonski

Reserve Champion – Emma Schmidt

Level A 4th Grade Champion – Dontrail Williams

Reserve Champion – Nichole Brown

Level B 5th Grade Champion – Michael Morrison

Reserve Champion – Mason Frasier

Level B 6th Grade Champion – Margaret Conner

Reserve Champion – Christopher Whalen

Level C (3 Yeast Breast Sticks or Rolls) Champion – Steven Smith

Reserve Champion – Ariel Schlundt

Level C (Yeast Bread) Champion – Nathan Baima

Reserve Champion – Kylee Saylor

Level C (One Package of Non-Perishable Snack) Champion – Roman Ford

Level D (Single or Double Crust Bake Fruit Pie) Champion – Abigail Kemiel

Reserve Champion – Rebecca Eyrick

Level D (Special Dietary) Champion – Emigh Steinhagen

A Honors - Austyn Jablonski, Emma Schmidt, Luke Sheldon, Joseph Smith, Nichole Brown, Dontrail Williams, Mason Fraser, Michael Morrison, Jadyn Wallace-Rose, Christopher Whalen, Margaret Conner, Kaitlyn Day, Christina Hurtado, Kaelyn Montemayor, Georgia Pumroy, Steven Smith, Haydyn Smolek, Asher Williamson, Nathan Baima, Isabella Hurtado, Kylee Saylor, Roman Ford, Abigail Kemiel, ellen Mofield, Ashley Vernon, Kolton Saylor, Rebecca Eyrick, Emigh Steinhagen.

A’s - Hannah Cripe, Naomi Frazier, Adelyn Heidel, Skilynn Scalf, Leah Williamson, Jacob Wireman, Jacob Eldridge, Jasmine Grzesiowski, Jayme Lofton, Katherine Minich, Amy West, Abigail Cripe, Katelyn Peterson, Emily Sheldon, Nicholas Notaro, James Symons, Caleb Cripe, Jonathan Keller, Brianna Martin, Kamrielle Saylor, Austyn Kraus, Allie Kraus, Walter Conner.

B’s – Katelyn Duttlinger, Kylie Finn, Audrey Henning, Clae Antrim, Morgan Phillips.


4-H Beef Ultrasound Carcass

Beef Ultrasound Carcass Evaluation

Grand Champion – Madison Scarborough

Reserve Grand Champion – Kamrielle Saylor

Beef Daily Rate of Gain

Champion – Lyla Bannwart

Reserve Champion – Trevor Eggert


4-H Beef Cow-Calf Class

Grand Champion Cow-Calf – Jacob Parkman

Reserve Grand Champion Cow-Calf – Jacob Parkman

Junior Cow-Calf – Jacob Parkman

Reserve Junior Cow-Calf – Blake Kessler

Senior Cow-Calf – Jacob Parkman

Cow-Calf Jr. Hereford

1st – Reece Eggert

Cow-Calf Jr. Shorthorn

1st Layke Bannwart, 2nd Braylie Bannwart

Cow-Calf Jr. Simmental

1st Blake Kessler

Cow-Calf Jr. Angus

1st Jacob Parkman

Cow-Calf Jr. Charlois

1st Layke Bannwart

Cow-Calf Sr. Angus

1st Jacob Parkman


4-H Swine Ultrasound Carcass:


Grand Champion Ultrasound Gilt Carcass Evaluation – Ann Chlupacek

Reserve Grand Champion Ultrasound Gilt Carcass Evaluation – Emma Deutscher

3rd Jaden Conrad, 4th Lucas Spence, 5th Blake Kessler, 6th Chloe Deutscher, 7th Lane Thomas, 8th Allee Garner, 9th Natalie Tuholski, 10th Aurora Swanson


Grand Champion Ultrasound Barrow Carcass Evaluation – Kaleb Gorski

Reserve Grand Champion Ultrasound Barrow Carcass Evaluation – Zachary French

3rd Rebecca Tuholski, 4th Chloe Deutscher, 5th Lana Schable, 6th Ashley Hannon, 7th Lane Thomas, 8th Michael Mowiser, 9th Marley Schable, 10th Chase Rosenbaum


4-H Swine Showmanship

Champion Beginner – Lincoln Knoll

Reserve Champion Beginner – Kaleb Gorski

3rd Alex DesEnfants, 4th Madison Scarborough, 5th Colton Griffiths, 6th Aurora Swanson

Champion Intermediate – Leila Hoover

Reserve Champion Intermediate – Cayden Loetz

3rd Chase Rosenbaum, 4th Elizabeth Tate, 5th Adelynne Gorski, 6th Alaina Jeffers

Champion Senior – Bryceston Hooover

Reserve Champion Senior – Kimberly Good

3rd Shalynn Rogers, 4th Brandon Stanish, 5th Grace Frazier, 6th Kyle Gorski

Mental Attitude Award: Drake Kluge


4-H Turkey 

Grand Champion – Margaret Conner

Reserve Grand Champion – Jadyn Wallace-Rose

Grand Champion Exhibition Turkey – Maggie Emmons

Reserve Grand Champion Exhibition Turkey – Bruno Doran

Champion Hen Turkey – Margaret Conner

Reserve Champion Hen Turkey – Jadyn Wallace-Rose

Champion Tom Turkey – Austin Rickard

Reserve Champion Tom Turkey – Willem Conner

A-Honors – Willem Conner, Kayla Knotts, Kyla Mashburn, Rachel Paul, Austin Rickard, Georgia Pumroy, Margaret Conner, Jadyn Wallace-Rose, Dontrail Williams, Bruno Doran

A’s – Phillip Edgerton, Maggie Emmons, Brianna Keller, Jonathan Keller, Joseph Pumroy, Violet Singleton, Bruno Doran, Kimberly Crawford, Logan Crawford, John Lemley, Zoe Pressel, Shelby Singleton, Korbin Singleton, Violet Singleton, Asher Podgorski, Kyla Mashburn

B’s – Lane Hohalek, Alyssa Bennitt

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