MICHIGAN CITY – Drivers who have been inconvenienced by the construction on U.S. 421 this summer might not want to hear it, but the roadwork will be continuing north along Franklin Street.

Franklin between U.S. 20 and Valentine Court will be repaved soon, Martin Bobcek of Global Engineering told the Michigan City Board of Public Works and Safety on Sept. 3.

It won't be quite as inconvenient as the paving which is causing long delays on U.S. 421, though – one lane of traffic will remain open in each direction through the entirety of the project, which is expected to wrap up by year's ends, Bobcek said.

The board also granted Global Engineering permission to proceed with construction plans for the Village Road Reconstruction Project between U.S. 421 and Ohio Street.

Bobcek anticipates that project will also be completed this year. However, he said, it’s happening in conjunction with a drainage project that Haas & Associates is doing at that location, which could delay the laying of the final surface asphalt until 2020.

In other business:

• Ripley Street near the intersection of Franklin Street, and Franklin from Ripley to Ames Field will be closed to allow for the annual Michigan City High School Homecoming Parade beginning at 6 p.m. on Sept. 20.

• Road to Life Church will conduct a silent walk along the Franklin Street sidewalks between Coolspring Avenue and Barker Road between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Oct. 19. By doing so, they hope to raise awareness of and call for an end to human trafficking.

• Minority Health Partners of La Porte County will host a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on Sept. 28 beginning at 10 a.m. The were granted permission to use the sidewalks along the following route: Franklin beginning at 7th Street, north to 4th Street, west to Wabash Street, south to 8th Street, east back to Franklin and north back to 7th.

• The Michigan City Transit Department was authorized to purchase three medium- to heavy-duty cutaway transit buses to replace three 2014 buses in the department’s stock that have reached the end of their useful life. One small paratransit or cutaway transit bus also will replace an older model from 2009.

• The board ordered that the signage at the crosswalk on Lake Shore Drive near the armory be replaced with larger signs, and that rumble strips be installed in both directions at that location in order to aid in pedestrian safety. City Engineer Charles “Spike” Peller said the traffic circle planned for Washington Park will address the issue eventually.

• After granting the owner of 235 F St. an extension to improve the property, which Building Commissioner Sue Downs said has not been done, the board voted to demolish the structure.

• Jessica Blumenfeld of Edward Jones on Karwick Road was granted a one-year solicitor license to reach out to local businesses and individuals regarding retirement and investments. She may do so between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. through Sept. 3, 2020.

• Mark Kotheimer was granted permission to place excavated sand from his Colfax Avenue property on an adjacent city property temporarily until the backfill on his foundation is completed. The board stipulated he has through October to use the space.

• ESPO Engineering was granted a horizontal drilling permit to install CATV cable underground at the Haskell Building on Cleveland Avenue.

• The Michigan City Department of Water Works received a horizontal drilling permit to install a water main on Colfax Avenue between Nevada and Carolina avenues, and to install copper line on Carolina Avenue and Lake Shore Drive to Colfax Avenue to improve water service.

• Board of Works Resolution No. 2784 was invalidated as a result of upgraded software that enables the city to allow for optional charitable contributions to the United Way to be garnished from city employee’s wages.

• Downs informed the board that the completion of the construction at 111 Franklin St. is close. She said a new sewer is being installed there this week. After that, her only requirements are that the obsolete signage be removed and a dumpster enclosure be installed. The board granted until its Sept. 17 meeting for those items to be completed.

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