La Porte Hospital Retirees

The June meeting of the La Porte Hospital Retirees was held on June 10 at Aurelio’s in La Porte. The meeting was called to order by Helenann Tressmer, who led the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 25 members, six guests, and two little ones present. The secretary’s report was read and approved by Debbie Dunn. The treasurer’s report was given by Karen Peterson. Member news was addressed and Ruby Culvahouse is now at home and under chemotherapy.

Old business was the trip to see the play in Munster on Aug. 7. It was announced by Charmaine Devereaux that the bus would meet those going at the La Porte toll road entrance at 10:30 a.m. CST. Anyone else wanting to go can contact Charmaine.

New business was the announcement that new officers need to be elected for the 2020-21 time frame. Nominees are needed for president, vice-president and treasurer. Debbie Dunn will stay on as secretary. June birthday was Debbie Dunn. There were no June anniversaries.

The door award was won by Barb Kolvacin. The Benefit Fund was won by Dee Games. Hostess awards were won by Bill Dusseau, Kevin Warnke, Shirley Link, Michael Broviak, Betty Bertch, Charmaine Devereaux, Debbie Dunn and Barb Kolvacin.

Lynda Sardeson announced the cargo container headed for Tanzania was in the middle of the Atlantic.

Bill Dusseau had several readings. The first was “With All My Love”, the second was “Spring”, and he then did several humorous readings. He led the group in prayer after the readings.

Diane Warnke gave a talk on her trip through the west. She and her husband spent four months going by camper to several different states. They started in Minnesota visiting friends. The next stop was North Dakota followed by Wyoming. They visited Yellowstone National Park but stayed on the north side of the park away from Old Faithful. In Montana they visited Glacier National Park. She stated you needed to hike to see the park. Idaho and Washington followed. In Oregon, they visited several sites including the Multinoma Falls and Hood River Bridge. It was then on to California and San Francisco and Yosemite. Final stop was in Colorado and Grand Lake. Diane commented that it was a very nice trip and very relaxing.

The next meeting will be at the Best Western in La Porte on July 8. Hostess will be Betty McCullough.

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