City honors La Porte doctor with proclamation

Photo by Jade GlabDr. Usama Moustafa was presented a framed proclamation by La Porte Mayor Mark Krentz stating that Aug. 6, 2019 would be a day in his honor. 

La PORTE — La Porte Mayor Mark Krentz proclaimed Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, Dr. Usama Moustafa Day in La Porte.

Moustafa is a La Porte Physician Network pediatrician who has been treating local children since 2007. His outstanding work in the community has now earned him citywide recognition.

The announcement came during Monday’s City Council meeting, where Moustafa was was presented with the framed proclamation.

The proclamation was met with an enormous show of support by the community. Members of the La Porte Hospital leadership team attended the meeting at City Hall to celebrate Dr. Moustafa. They were joined by many members of his staff, and even a few of his former patients.

At the start of the meeting, Krentz read his proclamation aloud, “Dr. Usama Moustafa is being honored by his patients, the City of La Porte, and indeed, the entire community.”

He continued, “his patients are the children, but it is the parents who are grateful for his exceptional dedication, his compassion and his ability to make each family feel cared for. His genuine kindness and concern for each unique child in his care will have a lasting and positive impact on our next generation. La Porte is a better place because Dr. Moustafa chose to work and become involved in our community.”

The mayor then encouraged the citizens of La Porte to recognize the many contributions that Dr. Moustafa has made to the citizens of La Porte. 

When the Krentz asked Moustafa if he had anything to say, he simply replied, “thank you.” The crowded City Hall responded with laughter at the ironic sentiment.

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