La PORTE — The La Porte City Council introduced an ordinance that will reduce the speed limit on Keston Elm Drive from 30 miles per hour (mph) to 20 mph.

This need was brought to the council’s attention by a Keston Elm Drive resident who had previously aired her concerns during public comment.

One concern was that due to the street’s unmarked status, motorists are not aware of how fast they should be driving on the residential road.

Councilman Miles Fettinger explained, “It wasn’t that it was marked 30 (mph), it was just unmarked. So, by default, city ordinance says that it’s 30 (mph).”

This issue was brought up to the Traffic Commission after a request form was circulated between residents. The form asked homeowners to sign their names under the column that indicated their opinion on the issue.

Homeowners were given the option to indicate whether they would like no change, to have the speed limit lowered to between 20-25 mph or lowered to 15 mph.

The majority of the residents who engaged with the request form indicated that they would prefer the speed limit to be lowered to 20-25 mph.

After reviewing the request form, the traffic commission recommended that the speed limit be changed to 20 mph to reflect the prevailing opinion of the homeowners in the area.

“To some degree this is regrettable that it is a solution for something that wasn’t the problem — which is an overzealous resident [who] put up their own speed limit sign,” Councilman Timothy Stabosz said.

This resident had allegedly installed their own speed limit sign on their property, marking the area as 15 mph zone. According to Stabosz, the resident was inspired to do so to protect their children from motorists speeding through Keston Elm.

Currently Keston Elm Drive’s speed limit remains unchanged. The La Porte City Council is expected to vote on the speed limit change during their next meeting on Sept. 16.

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