MICHIGAN CITY — The Indiana State Prison recently held a general assembly to honor staff for their achievements.

A free breakfast was served by the Employee Appreciation Committee for all staff in attendance. Marty Corley, president of the Michigan City Rotary Club, was the keynote speaker. Approximately 100 staff attended the ceremony in the prison’s chapel.

Eleven staff received seniority awards. Patricia Wmson-Springfield, Iona Horde and Charles Ritchey were recognized for 20 years of service, and Michael Keel, James Thornberry, Kyle Moore, Pamela Bane, Ronald Anders and Ernest Dugan for 25 years of service.

Awards were given to staff for their dedication, job performance, cooperation and professionalism. Loneia Jones, Pam Bane, Angelica Miller and Ryan Statham, were recognized. Case Worker Terri Hale was recognized as Employee of the Year.

Our Employee Assemblies are always a great time to honor staff achievements amongst their peers for their hard work and dedication to duty. We also present updates to the staff and guests in attendance regarding Operations, Re-Entry and Administrative changes. Those in attendance also enjoyed our “Office Olympics” competition since it was Correctional Professionals Week, which consisted of a series of challenges in a timed competition, which was fun for all in attendance.

Built in 1860, the Indiana State Prison is the oldest correctional facility in the Indiana Department of Correction. The Indiana State Prison is located on 100 acres of land on Michigan City’s west side. The physical plant consists of 51 buildings, which include 13 offender-housing units, steam plant, garage, warehouse, industries buildings, and 5 staff housing units. The walled compound surrounds 24 acres of land. Located on the same grounds outside the wall is a medium/minimum security unit.

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