La PORTE — Lion Don Olson, an active member of the Door Village Lions Club, has struggled with Parkinson’s for several years and as the years passed, his ability to maintain the usual movement around the house and yard gradually declined.

Currently he has left his walker behind and is now in a motorized chair, thus the need for a ramp that will help him to get to the car and additionally to the mailbox and around the yard. The ramp was completed a few days ago, and you should have seen the smile on his face the first time he came wheeling down to the main level of the garage floor. I didn’t get that picture but I wish I had. It was the nicest “Thank You” the club members who built it could have received.

Lions Chuck Glen and George Morley made a material list and set a start date for the project and in two days, with the leadership of Lion Chuck Glen and help of Lions Joe Pahs, Gene Flickinger, Pastor Bob Denny, George Morley and Nathan Shepard, the ramp was completed with exception of the staining and the application of the skid free paint on the decking. Don’s wife Lion Bonnie Olson said she wanted to do that, and as of the last report she had nearly completed the finishing touches.

The project got its start through the efforts of Lion Richard Fagg from the Westville Lions Club and his friend Joyce Marhanka, long time member of the Door Village UMC. They had talked to Marcia Spitzmesser, the chair of the Door Village United Methodist Church missions committee who had indicated the committee would underwrite the majority of the funds required for the material needed.

Lion Richard and Joyce asked Lion George if the Door Village Lions would build the ramp, which he confirmed at the very next club meeting and the project was soon underway. And here is the icing on the cake, Lion Richard Fagg has since requested grants from the Indiana Lions Foundation and Lions District 25A Project “Care and Helping Hands” and a donation from his home club the Westville Lions, the three of which will cover the total cost, so that the church missions committee will eventually be receiving all of the funds they fronted the project with. Super nice Huh?

Lions are often stepping up and helping wherever there is a need, and feeling very good about being able to do what they can in each case. And in this case…a beautiful ending to a beautiful project.

— submitted by George Morley 

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